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Q1. What are the groups usually like? How many girls are coming (question asked by girls)? I am planning to travel solo, will everyone be coming with friends, or will people come solo as well?

All our group trips have about 18-20 people. Mostly every trip has 60% girls and 40% boys. At least 50% of the people come solo, and the rest come with a friend or two. The groups comprise mostly of people who are looking to do a different trip, who want a slice of adventure, who aren’t expert adventurers or hardcore trekkers but people who love nature, want to experience adventure, want to travel with strangers, discover life a little more.

A lot of girls who travel with us, would ideally like to travel completely solo. But not having done that before, they are slightly unsure or uncertain on how to go about it, so they first want to travel with a group of like minded strangers, a group that is safe at the same time fun. And progress to doing completely solo trips after gaining more confidence on these trips.

I think the kind of communication we put up attracts a certain audience. We haven’t ever had anyone who is creepy or misbehaved or anything of the sort.

Q2. How long have you guys been operating?

The first group trip took place in June 2014, so in about a month, we shall complete five years of leading group trips all over the world. We have done close to 80-90 odd trips.

Q3. I am coming alone. Who will I be sharing a room with?

If you are coming alone, by default you will be paired with another person of the same gender travelling alone, on the first day of the trip. As the trip progresses, if later, you and another person want to share a room, you are perfectly welcome to do so.

Q4. What is the age group of the trips?

We want to have like minded people on the trips, and want to keep the demographic similar, so the age group we take is 20-40. Most people coming on the trips lie in the age bracket of 25-35. Some trips, we design specifically for other age groups, themes as well.

Q5. What kind of hotels do you usually stay in?

As a general rule, mostly we stay in 3/3.5 star category hotels. In some cases, where we have a higher or lower category, we shall mention it explicitly.

Q6. Who will be leading the trip we (the customers) are going for?

Currently, we have four trip leaders. Shaurya, Sakshi, Harsh Chhadva and Neeraj Narayanan (me). If you want to come on a trip, at the time of booking, please ask us who is leading it, and we shall definitely tell you.

Q7. On the trip, should I carry a rucksack or a trolley or suitcase?

On most trips, the only lugging around of bags you have to do is from the airport to the private minibus in the parking lot, and from the hotel doorstep to your room. Bags stay in room, top of bus most of the time. So it doesn’t matter what kind of bag, trolley, suitcase you carry on the trip. Carry whatever is most convenient for you. If we want you to bring something specific, the itinerary, the mails will mention that explicitly.

Q8. I haven’t trekked much, am not the fittest person around. Will I be able to do your trek, adventure activities on the trip?

Almost all our trips are designed, not for hardcore adventurers nor expert mountaineers. They are mostly for beginners. Through our trips, we are trying to encourage people who want to have a taste of adventure, who love nature, who want to try something new, something different; who have read of other people trying things, and want to try themselves; the treks will do will challenge a beginner slightly, will be enjoyable for someone who is moderately fit, and that is the objective. Come challenge your zones, and fall in love with nature and the world around you.

Q9. I am an introvert. I could appear boring to other people. Would I enjoy? Would I be able to make friends?

A trip isn’t made up of just extroverts. Its made up of people who talk a lot, and those who speak less. Its made up of North Indians, South Indians, and people from west and east. Its made up of vegetarians and non vegetarians. Its made up of naughty and sober people both. If everyone was similar, we would be robots.

More importantly, we try to draw out everyone on the trip. We try, through our own ways, to subtly push quieter people ahead, so that everyone notices them. Of course its also up to the individual to try make friends, to participate in conversations – actively or passively; at the end of the day, its your trip. We will play the role of catalysts, and the tripper has to take it from there.

Q10. What kind of people would enjoy our trips?

People who aren’t fussy, people who are willing to go with the flow, people who have come to live in the moment, people who appreciate nature, want to make friends, want to let go a little of their inhibitions and try things that we encourage them to do, would mostly love our trips. There will be few occasions, where even we will make mistakes – (maybe once in 50 times we will book a bad hotel by error of judgement) – people who can look beyond small problems, and can see the larger picture – that we genuinely want everyone to have a good holiday, and if people become friends they can enjoy anywhere – would fall in love with our trips.

Q11. Whats the cancellation policy?

Please refer to the trip section for cancellation policy. Each trip itinerary PDF also mentions the process in the event of a cancellation.