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Everything you need to know about Coron Island in Philippines!

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Located in the northern tip of Palawan, Coron Island is a tropical paradise like no other. This place enchants every visitor that steps foot on this charming island town with its clear waters, sunny hues, white sand beaches, and island-hopping escapades. Under its azure waters, Coron has breathtaking World War II shipwrecks, bright coral reefs, and abundant marine life. But it also has stunning island-hopping adventures, as well as hot and cold spring experiences. If Coron isn’t already on your Bucket List, then get a pen ready!

Things to do

Visit the famous Kayangan Lake that holds the title  “Cleanest lake in the Philippines”. The crystal clear emerald water only accessible via a short 300-step hike and it also leads to a viewpoint that has a beautiful view over the boat docks.

Kayangan Lake
Source: Flickr

Located on the other side of Kayangan Lake is the Barracuda Lake. It’s famous for its diving spot where you can see barracuda fish skeletons on its depths. Go freediving to feel the lake’s thermocline or bring scuba gear to dive deeper. The formations surrounding the lake create a magnificent experience.

Barracuda Lake
Source: Reddit

When the US Navy strike force of fighters and dive-bombers attacked the Japanese vessels anchored in Coron Bay and around Busuanga Island on September 24, 1944, they left behind a number of burning and sinking ships. Today the wrecks, heavily encrusted with sponges and corals, attract divers from all over the world. Wreck diving is a thrilling activity that requires special certifications, diving experience, and guidance from a professional diving school. The many dive centres located in Coron Town and on the islands in the bay offer day trips and courses for you to discover these fabulous underwater remains from the Second World War.

Wreck diving
Source: Adventure In You

Twin Lagoon is a large lagoon accessible via a small swim-through gap between cliffs. Located further inland of Coron Bay, their turquoise waters famously feel alternately warm and chilly as the fresh underground water intermingles with saltwater. Snorkel along the cliff and see the incredible underwater life.

Twin Lagoon
Source: popsugar

If you are looking for some adventure that doesn’t involve a boat then make the climb to the top of Mt. Tapyas. While probably not technically a mountain, the view from the top is worth the hike up. Here you’ll be rewarded with views of Coron town and Coron Island in the distance.

Mt. Tapyas
Source: Vigattin Tourism

Is there anything more comforting than a quick dip in a natural hot spring after a day of physically exhausting activities? Maquinit Springs are one of very few salt water hot springs in the world. Two pools that have been built in the mangrove forest and there’s a small beach just beyond. Natural hot water from an underground volcano feeds the pools to produce the therapeutic waters. Take a dip in the spring to relax your mind and body. The heat will soothe your muscles and loosen your nerves allowing you to de-stress and forget your worries even for just an hour or so.

Maquinit Springs
Source: Pinterest

Siete Pecados is the nearest and the best snorkeling and diving site in Coron. What’s great about this marine park is that all small seven islands have corals that are still bustling with life along with multiple marine animals. Tha place has thick layers of extensive and bizarre-looking corals carpeting the sea floor, providing shelter to schools of angelfish, butterfly fish and lionfish among others. If it’s your lucky day, you may even see green turtles wandering about.

Siete Pecados
Source: Vigattin Tourism

The Philippines is made up of over 7000 islands and the province of Coron is made up of eight major islands and a bunch of islets. There’s definitely plenty to see, do and explore and a great way to do that is to go on a Coron island hopping expedition trip. Some islands and islets have gorgeous beaches and some have fantastic snorkeling and diving off of them.

Coron island hopping expedition trip
Source: The Crazy Tourist

Coron has quiet and secluded beaches ideal for people who want to unwind and relax away from the busy parts of the island. Two of them are Cabo Beach and Bali Beach, which is often combined in a beach day trip in Coron.

Cabo Beach
Source: Guide to the Philippines

How to reach?

The island is accessible via boat or direct flight from Manila or El Nido.

Manila to Coron by airplane
A flight takes about 1.5-hour to Busuanga Airport and another 30-minute drive to town.

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