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Do You Remember How You Danced When You Were A Kid?

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Before the reels, the choreographies and the preps, remember how you would dance back when you were just 3 or 4 years old? When a loudspeaker at a function would blast some Govinda song really loudly? Or when someone cool played Braziiiil?

Sikkim Group Trip

Remember how you’d just jump? You’d bounce on the same spot, doing the same step again and again and laugh so wide that your whole face would light up. You’d do a couple of spins and twirls in between. You’d let your hand and feet move in the most uncoordinated ways, uncoordinated but free ways.

On His Own Trip

Birthday parties, weddings, society functions, when you were 3 or 4 years old it didn’t quite matter what you did, you swayed to the music however you pleased and that my friend was called dance.

When we go on trips do you know the reason we dance so much? I hope to recreate that joy from your childhood. Where you felt free and unrestricted, where you could be silly and dramatic, where all the goofy expressions felt so right. To just let loose!

Chopta On His Own Trip

And, okay, there are the reels and the planned dances too. So? There are some people who dance freely even in their day to day lives but many who don’t, who in their routine don’t get to be as… well, silly. So, if for a few days while travelling, for a few minutes of music, someone can feel like a star, someone can reconnect with the talent that they’ve put away under their office files or someone can feel like a child, then why not?

Darling, we aren’t a dance competition, it’s great if you’re good. I hope you feel that rush when you move! But even if you aren’t good, if you’re a “Pappu Can’t Dance” I hope you step on the dance floor even then. Why? To be that child who’d bounce and twirl and laugh.

You see it was never about dancing. It is about what dancing makes you feel. It’s different for every individual. But I hope like hell that it’s liberated, free and fun. So, will you dance with me?

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