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Delhi To London By Bus

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Don’t we all love road trips! From the ever changing vistas with some amazing music in the background, to the mandatory chai and snacks break with friends and family, it feels as if you are in a world of your own. If you are someone who keeps on planning road trips, who likes to travel slow and enjoy every moment on the road then we have a great news for you. The mother of all the road trips is here. You can travel from Delhi to London in a bus. Yes, you heard it right.

Adventures Overland is a Gurugram based company that has introduced a bus trip that will ferry passengers from Delhi to London. Deemed as the world’s longest bus journey, it will cover 18 continents in 70 days spanning a distance of 20,000km.

This is not the first time that people would be travelling to such an extreme distance by land. In the 1960s, the world’s longest bus route ran from Kolkata to London. The double-decker bus, Albert ferried eager passengers on an over 100-day international trip between India and the UK. This is your chance to join the best throwback to the past. The bus ride is scheduled to begin in May next year in what could indeed be the perfect summer getaway. From exploring the pagodas in Myanmar, hiking the Great Wall of China, visiting the historic city of Tashkent, touring European Frankfurt to finally soaking in the London vibes, this truly is the journey of a lifetime. The 18 countries you can tour are- India, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK.

The best part is that it is a ‘hop on hop off’ bus. So you don’t have to finish the entire journey from Delhi to London or vice-versa. You can opt for the leg-wise journeys instead. The bus journey has been divided into 4 sections. You can fly to a destination you want to begin from and then hop on the bus and finish the journey.

Leg 1: India, Myanmar, Thailand (11 Nights & 12 Days)

bus rides in india
Source: https://traveltriangle.com/

This bus shall flag off in Delhi. From there it will embark on a tour around beautiful Indian cities like Lucknow, Muzaffarpur, Siliguri, Guwahati, Kohima and Imphal. It will then cross international borders to enter Myanmar where you can visit the beauty of the pagodas of Bagan.  The journey then continues as you find yourself crossing the border of Myanmar into Thailand. Enjoy the vibrancy of the Thai capital of Bangkok as you cross the Mekong River into Laos and finish the first leg of your journey as you enter China.

Leg 2: China (15 Nights & 16 Days)

The second leg begins at Chengdu in China. Hang out with the adorable pandas at chengdu, check out the historical relics of the Great Wall, see the Mogao Caves in Jiayuguan and Dunhuang in Gansu Province. You will also get to explore Gobi Desert and the mesmerising snowcapped mountains and glaciers of China. The second leg of your journey will end after you have enjoyed the beauty of fascinating towns like Turpan and Kashgar.

Leg 3:  Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia (21 Nights & 22 Days)

how to reach kyrgyzstan by bus
Source: https://www.thislifeoftravel.com/

You will cover the most coveted “Stans”. The third leg of this epic journey begins with the Silk Orad era city of Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan. Stroll along lively bazaars, gorge on delicious samsas and breathe in the aromas of fresh spices. After which the bus takes you to the beautiful country of Uzbekistan. Explore the stunning city of Tashkent and historical wonders of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. Post Uzbekistan, next pass through Kazakhstan and finally enter monumental Russia. Feast your eyes on the kaleidoscopic wonder of Moscow and let the World Heritage sites enthrall you, as you finish the third leg of your journey.

Leg 4:  Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, United Kingdom(15 Nights & 16 Days)

how to reach europe by bus
Source: https://www.visitlondon.com/

The final leg of your journey begins with the magnanimity of the Baltic countries of Latvia and Lithuania.  Let the serenity and elegance of the UNESCO certified Old Town charm you. Venture out to the largest city in Poland, the breathtaking Czech capital of Prague to the German metropolis of Frankfurt. Gorge on delectable chocolates and exclusive brews of Brussels and finally step into London. Every road trip has to end, even when it includes 18 countries. And I am sure, you will be talking about this adventure for a long time.

Cost and other details

If you opt for the full monty from Delhi to London, you will have to shell out 15 lakh per person. On the other hand, if you opt for any one of the four legs, the cost per person ranges between Rs 3.5 lakh to Rs 4.95 lakh.

The bookings for this trip have started, but not more than 20 passengers will be allowed on board. The bus will start operating from May 2021. What do you say? Will you be hopping on this journey?

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