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Day Trips from Yerevan

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The capital of Armenia goes by the name of Yerevan. From its scrumptious dolma to its historical squares, its scenic parks to remarkable bits of historical monuments, make it quite the picturesque and at the same time, cultural delight. From walking around its streets to heading to its museums, having picnics in the parks, roaming about its old quarters to of course, shopping at its flea markets, there’s a lot to do within this capital. But if you’re in this city overlooking peaks on the side and you find yourself looking for visits that last a day long and take you to other places nearby, then here we have the 5 best day trips from Yerevan for you!

How to reach: There are a couple of direct flights operating from India to Armenia. But these are limited, so, make sure to book well in advance.

Best time to visit: May to June

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The 5 Best Day Trips From Yerevan:

Lake Sevan

How to reach: Head to the Northern Bus Station in Yerevan and from there catch a marshrutka or a minibus to reach Lake Sevan.

Best time to visit: May to June, September to

lake sevan
Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/gz1EMudf69I, Photographer: @alex_photogram

Lake Sevan is a true gem of Armenia and called by many as the “Pearl of Armenia”. It is home to the Sevanavank Monastery established way back in the year 874 AD by Princess Mariam. Although the monastery in itself is not something quite out of the ordinary, the fact that it stands besides Armenia’s largest water body and overlooks snow-capped peaks, do make it quite extraordinary! Visitors can explore the trails around here and even pay a visit to the beaches and markets in close proximity. Legend narrates how originally there existed only a natural spring here that would water the gardens and supply to the people. Its force was such that it had to be covered by a boulder but one day a young girl forgot to close it. Later that night the water rose to dangerous levels, flooding the whole area and the girl was cursed to become stone!

Dilijan National Park

How to reach: Once again you simply need to head to the Northern Railway Station and from there you will take only 1 and a half hours to reach your destination.

Best time to visit: January to August, even December for the ones who can brave the winters and the snow.

2)Dilijan National Park
Source: https://www.facebook.com/travelwingsdotcom/photos/get-lost-in-dilijan-national-park-for-a-reason-of-finding-nothing-but-beauty-eve/2214146618632979/

Wait a minute, you were headed to Armenia, right? But looks like there’s a slice of Switzerland that you may get to experience in the Armenian country! Spread out thick jungles and forests are what one can expect to find over here. Enveloped within the arms of mountains, the national park makes for quite a scenic sight. Added to this it is also home to many wonders, such as the Hagharstin and Goshavank Monastery. Akhnabat Church and Jukhtak Vank are also other points of interest around here. But most of all the park is famous for its springs which the locals have for long believed to have possessed medicinal properties. And for the ones who have a taste for trekking and the likes, there are trails to explore around here, so, put on those shoes!

Khor Virap

How to reach: This time around head to Sansuntsi Davit Bus Station and catch a bus from there for this hour-long journey.

Best time to visit: This place can be visited almost through the entire year.

khor virap
Source: https://www.thecommonwanderer.com/blog/khor-virap-guide#:~:text=Khor%20Virap%20monastery%20is%20opens,beautiful%20morning%20light%20to%20photograph.

This monastery is an iconic one in Armenia, known mostly for the wonderous sighting it offers of Aarat Valley. What is today the country’s most sacred monastery was actually originally first a castle for the royal family and then a dungeon too. Its name itself comes from “Virap Nerk’in’” signifying deep dungeon on account of how Gregory was thrown by the king into the dungeon for practicing Christianity and defying the then observed Armenian pagan. Gregory the Illuminator was held here for over 14 years until the time when he cured King Trdat III of a disease. It was then that the king himself and in suit the country of Armenia turned Christian. Thus, a visit here is magnificent not just for its landscape with the mountain peaks but also for the rich history that it narrates. Here you get a chance to walk around and explore some of Armenia’s most crucial history chapters right where they unfolded.

Noravank Monastery

How to reach: I think you know by now that buses and mostly, the mini buses shall be your primary means of transportation around Yerevan! ? So, this time head over to the Arshakunyats Bus Station to make this journey of about 2 hours.

Best time to visit: May and June, September and October

noravank monastery
Source: https://www.wanderlustmovement.org/8-best-day-trips-yerevan-armenia/

Well, we did say that Yerevan is very significant historically and culturally. Showcasing yet another piece of its beauty in this form is the Noravank Monastery. Established in 1205, it has been the home of princes and even bishops. It went onto survive a raid by the Mongols. There’s also a small museum nearby where you can learn more about its history whilst observing artefacts and antique pieces from the said time. Although its popularity does lend to it a sizeable footfall. Thus, reaching here early in the morning is advisable for it allows you to explore its tall standing walls that have seen so much and its surrounding landscape which all go on to contribute to make it that much more breath-taking.

Byurakan Observatory

How to reach: Kilikia Bus Station I shwre you need to reach this time to catch a bus for this observatory.

Best time to visit: May and June, September and October

byurakvan observatory
Source: https://www.wanderlustmovement.org/8-best-day-trips-yerevan-armenia/

Well, now that you’ve seen glimpses of history, of a national park and a lake too, then how about seeing something that you wouldn’t usually end up seeing? So, Yerevan is actually quite the stunner for those smitten by space. On good days, the sky is a wonderous marvel full of sparkling stars in it. The astronomical centre was set up over here back in the times of the Soviet reign. In fact, back then it had held the pride of being home to the largest telescope in the USSR. Even today, it is a premier spot for those looking to understand and explore the galaxy in a better way. Plus, the fact that it is standing against the backdrop of Mount Aragots only makes it that much more beautiful. So, who’s up for a starry night?

And when you head to Armenia, where shall you head first??

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