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Day Trips from Berat

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Of architecture, of history, of a view overlooking Mount Tomorr and of a town that rests at the feet of River Osumi, these are just a handful of the things that make the Albanian town of Berat quite the charmer. But amongst all that is said about the town of Berat, the first and foremost is its architecture. Tourism in Berat rose to fame when the world learnt of it as being the town of 1000 windows. However, the story isn’t as simple or should we say there is a crack somewhere in the glass?

So, the story goes that years ago the good people of Berat decided to achieve the target of being the town of 1000 windows. For this each one was to build 5 windows to their homes. Though a man named Gezam built 6 windows. When his fellow citymen learnt of this, they were furious. They thought he had doomed their plan for tourist glory and they killed him by throwing him in the river with weights. For years, Berat was known as the town with 1000 windows until Gezam’s son took revenge one day by revealing the truth and taking his life just the way his father was killed. Fuming and fretting the people thought they were done. Unexpectedly, this turn of events actually made Berat even more popular as folks flocked to see the only home with the 6 windows. I wonder if Gezam and family look below and what they think when they see this turn of events?

How to reach: Fly down to Tirana and take a bus from Tirana to Berat.

Best time to visit: April to June, September to October

Thus, if you find yourself drawn to this town and wonder what more is there to see, then we’ve compiled for you some interesting day trips to take from Berat!

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How to reach: Takes just about an hour and a half to two hours approximately to cover this distance of roughly 80kms. Then you have to walk on foot from the Krabbe Village.

Best time to visit: April to June, September to October

Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/498984833713051732/?nic_v2=1a2uP0BjK

Near the township of Tirana are the Krabbe Hills. Within its rocky twists and turns lays what they call “Cyclops’ Eye”. A day here is for the truly adventurous ones because you have to abandon your vehicles and make your way here on foot. From the village of Krabbe commences your short hike for about an hour in order to reach this stunning site. The rocky hills show you a stunning blue-green eye staring back at you from between them. The spot is for the ones who like to work their way and reach somewhere before settling down for a picnic. And then you can rest by kicking off your shoes and jumping into the water. Swim in this natural bath and enjoy its cool waters. Some adrenaline junkies even head on over to the top to make a jump from there! Are you game?


How to reach: There aren’t always buses on this route, so, you may have to opt to book a taxi to make this trip.

Best time to visit: March to June, September to November

Source: https://www.expedia.com/Elbasan.dx6340160

The city of Elbasan is called the “Kërthiza e Shqipërisë” in the local language. And ah before you think that has magical connotation attached, let me stop you right there. It actually simply means the Bellybutton of Albania, a name attributed to it on account of its central location. The city even has an alphabetic script named after it since it was invented here back in the 18th century. Here you can visit the Elbasan Castle and the King Mosque to get a little closer understanding of the Albanian history. An additional bonus is if on your way, you can ask your driver or other locals to guide you the location shown in the picture above. Why? Well, because it’s a natural spring on way to this city and it makes for quite the pleasant stopover!


How to reach: You can take a bus from Berat in order to reach Apollonia. Takes about an hour and a half to reach here.

Best time to visit: March to June, September to October

Source: https://www.ancient-origins.net/ancient-places-europe/apollonia-0012742

When you transfer to a whole other continent, it feels like you’ve travelled to a different world altogether in some way. To seal that feeling in every way, there’s the town of Apollonia, your chance to visit a Greek city which was established as early as 588 BC! Today, what waits for you over here are the last standing ruins. They tell you about the Illyrian City which the Greek had built and named in honour of the Greek God, Apollo. From Taulanti Albanians to the Greek colonists, many including the noble man Cicero spoke of its greatness. Perched on rolling hills it is today a reflection of what life here must have been back then. For a rendezvous with history, visit this archaeological park.


How to reach: If you’re planning on catching a bus to reach this destination, you may have to first reach Fier and from there make your way to Vlore. There are a few direct buses but check their availability in advance. Or else you can get a car and head over directly.

Best time to visit:  mid-March to mid-June, September to early December.

Source: https://en.albanianews.it/topic/valona

Beaches, beaches and some more beaches! Don’t get me wrong, Vlore has a fair share to show you in terms of its culture and history too but if after that your heart craves to kick back and relax, then Vlore has a stunning coast waiting for you. As it’s the meeting point of the Adriatic and the Ionian seas, the water is a gorgeous shade of blue meets green. And for your beach day, you can have a pick from the easily accessible but commercial ones in the city, the historical ones on the southern part of the town which see lesser folks and the ones that are an escape. Plazhi Ri is a solid choice. Meanwhile, if hopping on a boat to get somewhere where very few do, then head over to Karaburun Peninsula for treading upon the sands of white pebble beaches. Swim, splash and just relax.


How to reach: Hop on to a bus and expect a travel time of about 2 hours to reach this destination.

Best time to visit:  April to June, September to October

Source: https://exit.al/en/2019/09/02/welcome-to-tepelene/

And then for a taste of the scenic beauty of Albania, head over to the town of Tepelene. It sits in a green valley with the Vjosa River lazily flowing nearby. Its blue waters make the landscape that much more gorgeous near the lush valley. The narrow roads overlook tall peaks beyond them. And the history here traces back to the towers standing here since 15th century. Visit this place if your idea of a trip is to take long walks and explore at a slow pace. Here you can even go for boat rides and kayaking and simply enjoy that laidback life.  Lazy swims, long walks and the authentic food, sounds like the perfect holiday mood?

So, tell me is Albania on your must visit list and if yes, then are you planning on seeing any of these gems?!

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