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Day Trips From Amsterdam

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The city of canals and bridges is quite the dreamy one with its sprawling heritage, its majestic architecture and its just as vibrant night life. With delicious food to quirky shows, artworks to places for long walks, there’s a lot that one can do when they find themselves in the city of Amsterdam. Now if you’re looking for activities that send you on nice excursions or day trips, then you’ve come knocking or rather, reading, at the right place!

How to reach: There are a few direct flights daily. In case they are working out too expensive, you can alternatively take connecting flights from London.

Best time to visit: April to November

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Zaanse Schans

How to reach: Head to Amsterdam Central Station and from there you can either take a train or a bus. Bus is the most convenient option.

Best time to visit: April to October

1)Zaanse Schans
Source: https://theculturetrip.com/europe/the-netherlands/articles/discover-the-history-of-the-netherlands-windmills-at-zaanse-schans/

Do you wonder if the architects of centuries ago ever visualized what their creations of then would go on to become years later? I mean, in the 18th and 19th centuries these windmills were built along the river Zaan. About 600 of them were built in order to enable power to the booming industries of the city. Do you think they knew that these would one day become a key-attraction and have millions of travellers coming down to visit them? Someone between 1961 to 1974 surely saw appreciation in their work as 8 amongst the surviving windmills were transported to Zaanse Schans as a mark of this page in the Dutch history. You can learn about the in and out of milling in these open-air museums. Most of all you will enjoy walking around here and soaking the presence of some of these land standing windmills and their otherworldly charm.


How to reach: From Amsterdam take a 2 hours long train journey to Zwolle. You could rent direct cars too from the city but these work out more expensive.

Best time to visit: mid-April to mid-October

Source: https://www.iamexpat.nl/lifestyle/lifestyle-news/giethoorn-venice-netherlands

You needn’t travel to another country to see Venice you can simply head to the “Venice of Netherlands”. This village is mostly accessible by boat itself, so, you can hop on one and go meandering through its tight knit network of canals. Along the waterway is a narrow pathway for those on foot to roam about as well. But even the residents themselves use a small barge to get about, called the Gieterse Punter. You will see huts and cottages made with thatched roofs and gardens right outside groomed well. Adding to the charm are tiny wooden bridges in spaces cropping out to make the whole scene more picturesque.


How to reach: You will firstly have to take a train till Rotterdam and from there you can board a bus to Kinderjik.

Best time to visit: April to November

Source: https://www.thingstodonetherlands.com/activities/excursions/tickets-roundtrip-by-boat-from-rotterdam-to-kinderdijk/

And if you cannot get enough of the sight of the windmills then head to another stunner, this one goes by the name of Kinderjik. This UNESCO recognized World Heritage site can actually also be visited via a boat ride. You can catch one from Rotterdam and then make your way to Kinderjik, allowing you to take in the entire countryside peacefully. The laidback pace is when you truly start to feel as if you yourself have also gotten transferred to this other era that’s standing tall right before your eyes. The two rivers come to greet each other over here, the Noord and the Lek and at their flanks are the 19 mills. Head over to the museum to take in more of this 18th century wonder.

Keukenhof Gardens

How to reach: You can hop on a bus from Amsterdam and reach here within 45 minutes.

Best time to visit: end of March to mid-May

4)Keukenhof Gardens
Source: https://mymodernmet.com/keukenhof-flower-garden-holland/

And if you end up in Amsterdam in the right season, then you can visit this sprawling garden which is commonly called the Garden of Europe. Situated in the town of Lisse, this is actually one of the largest gardens across the world and it even boasts of over 7 million flowers. It is actually known first and foremost for its tulips. This is a true delight for nature lovers because possibly every colour and every shade come to life when the flowers in this garden come into bloom. You can walk around here and then perch yourself in the nearby trendy cafes to sip on something as you take in your scenic surroundings. Go watch one of nature’s best artworks on display.


How to reach: The best way to travel to this destination is by road. For this the most cost-effective way is to catch a direct bus to Marken.

Best time to visit: May to September

Source: https://www.holland.com/global/tourism/destinations/more-destinations/volendam/volendam-3.htm

Voldendam is a fishing village which is still rich in tradition and waits for you with its bright red roofs and brick walls. Located alongside the Ijsselmeer River, the attraction here is in its picturesque harbour which overlooks the architecture against the water’s backdrops. Here you can catch folks in their traditional Dutch attires, walk through the streets to see their way of life and observe the vibrance in the markets. A visit to Voldendam can best be combined with visits to the nearby Marken and Edam too. Marken is a tiny island. Make this day trip all about exploring these tiny hamlets in all their European beauty.

What’s your Amsterdam trip looking like?!

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