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Chandrahan Lake Trek, Himachal Pradesh

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Are you busy exploring mountain wonders in North India? Have you been a couple of times to Himachal Pradesh already? But then you and I already know that there’s always so much to explore in this hilly state while is home to one too many wonders. Known for being quite the weekend getaway and also the gateway to long drawn vacations in the mountains, the state of Himachal is also adored by adventurous travellers for it offers them a chance to take on a number of treks. One such trek is the one that leads up to Chandranahan Lake. This lake is generally covered as a part of the famed Buran Ghati trek but for the ones more focussed on visiting this alpine lake, we are talking solely about a trek to this lake.

How to reach: Fly down to Chandigarh airport or take a train and thereafter travel to Shimla. Rest in Shimla and then make an approximately 10 hours long road journey to reach Janglik.

Best time to visit: October to November

Duration: 6 days

Maximum Altitude: 13,900 ft

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Trek Route: Shimla – Janglik – Dayara – Litham – Chandranahan Lake – Litham – Dayara – Janglik – Shimla

treks in himachal
Source: https://www.picuki.com/location/chandranahan-lake/240631166625951

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Day 1: Shimla to Janglik

Altitude: 9,200 ft

Approximate Time Taken: 9-10 hours

Your week of adventure first starts off by arriving at Shimla. From this busy tourist town, you shall start your journey to Janglik by road. Since the journey is a long one, use this as an opportunity to get to know your fellow travellers by introductions to fun games. And if you are happy to just have arrived in the mountains and are looking for a quiet time, well, then the window shall be the best one to keep you company. Gaze outside and let the surroundings welcome you to the beginning of a whole new adventure. You will not only have quaint little villages to stare at but also the gushing Pabbar River which flows alongside in parts of your route. From pine trees to Himachali homes, all shall come out to say that first welcome greeting as you make your way. You should reach Diude first by journeying on dirt tracks. From Diude you shall have to make a short walk up till Janglik.

Day 2: Janglik to Dayara

Altitude: 11,075 ft

Approximate Time Taken: 6 hours  

And it is the day you’ve been so excited for your trek shall finally commence! So, as you start off from Janglik you shall first spot wooden huts and houses, some of which have been painted in bright colours which surely enhances their charm further. The initial part of your trek will see you passing through throngs of thick forests with the drooping trees there to keep you company. Overtime you shall find the area opening up for you to enter a land of meadows, green after green grassy lands open up and stare back at you. Additionally, the chilly streams too come along to join you for your trek today!

Source: https://www.himalayanhikers.in/chandranahan-lake/

Day 3: Dayara to Litham

Altitude: 11,737 ft

Approximate Time Taken: 3- 4 hours 

On this day you shall find yourself moving from forests of pine trees to those of birch trees. Once again, the pine forests set off on this day with you but it is the Dayara meadows that will leave you staring today. From there you start to tread close to the Gunas Pass. After this you shall once again start ascending over slopes and rocks to lead you higher up. The efforts of the day are rewarded by the later sighting of the snow-capped peaks of the Dhauladhar Range. These tall and mighty peaks can be seen overlooking the green forests and meadows from which you shall emerge on foot. You will them move ahead and glimpse at your first view of Litham. Gradually even streams deriving water from the Chandranahan Lake itself start to come out to play. With the aged silver birch trees, the brooks along the way and the cliffs in the distance, the day’s trek is sure to be quite a scenic one.

Day 4: Litham to Chandranahan Lake and back

Altitude: 13,900 ft

Approximate Time Taken: 5 hours 

This is going to be a strenuous and a demanding day, so, be prepared and channel in all your inner motivation because this day certainly demands it. Don’t fret, although the day is challenging it should certainly be worthwhile because you are finally headed for the Chandranahan Lake! Over a period of time you shall reach a snout of a waterfall but the lake is still a little further ahead. Eventually, you reach your destination and find a glacial lake. This lake is not massive in size but it is definitely massive in its beauty. The bowl-like lake is enveloped first by a layer of rustic and raw stone cairns, then comes a second line of fencing which is made by snowclad mountains standing with dollops of ice on them through the year. The lake alone maybe pretty but it is in reality the surrounding as a whole that makes a visit to this lake be such a memorable scenery in the visitors minds.

Source: http://www.himalayanfootslog.com/tour/snow-trekking-chandernahan/

Day 5: Litham to Dayara

Altitude: 11,075 ft

Approximate Time Taken: 5 hours

Now it is time for your descend to begin. Parts of the descent can be steep so gear up to make it through that terrain. It is time for you to return to the cascading green meadows of Dayara. And if you are in time, then at the sunset hour you can see a soft glow of golden dipped in orange shining over the meadows’ greenery.

Day 6: Dayara to Janglik and drive down to Shimla

Approximate Time Taken: 5-6 hours

On the last and final day when things come to conclude it is time for you to start bidding farewell to the forests and the trees that had for so long kept you company. As you walk through their shades and their clearing think of the moments from the week that was and leave here with a smile. You are then to make a long journey make to Shimla before heading back home on your respective paths.

Source: https://www.himalayanhikers.in/chandranahan-lake/

Have you trekked in Himachal Pradesh? Which treks have you undertaken in the state?

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