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Caravanning Across India – What? How? Who?

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Isn’t there something about road trips that simply tugs at our hearts? Feet dangling from the window side, music that we don’t stop singing along to, laughter and conversation in the air and the occasional winds blowing away in our hair! Road trips also mean playing games, learning little things about each other, stopping wherever we spot some inviting looking local food and endless staring out of the window, right? I guess road trips can mean a lot more and a lot of different things to almost all of us. But if some of this left you sighing and longing to get back out on the road, then why not take things up a notch higher? The latest trend in the travel industry is caravanning. After being quite a popular choice in the United States and certain parts of Europe, this trend has started making way through our gorgeous country too. And, no, it isn’t exciting simply because it’s a trend, caravanning offers so much more to an experience that for some this is a passion that will stay long after it cease to be a trend.

Advantages of Caravanning

  • Freedom

First and foremost, I think the key attraction of a caravan is the freedom that it presents to you an almost absolute sense of freedom. How? You don’t have internal flight tickets or train booking that you are bound by. You aren’t bound by hotel bookings either. So, let’s say you visit a beautiful hill station and mapped your route to another one from there. But you happen to interact with the locals who tell you about a hidden gem nearby. A strict itinerary or arrangements may not make room for that but with a caravan you have the flexibility to call your own shots.

  • Soak in the view for as long as you please!

How many times does it happen that you visit a spot which leaves you so smitten that you just don’t want to leave? But alas, bookings, time bound restrictions and more may cause you to leave even when your heart is not content. But with a caravan, in places, where there aren’t restrictions, you can just park and make home at a scenic spot until you have to move! After, room with a view, food with view, etc., ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, house on wheels with a view!

  • Explore the unexplored

In a country like ours that is still growing and evolving when in comes to travel and tourism, the fact is that road travel allows you to greater accessibility to a lot of places that can’t be reached otherwise. Learn about something you like? Pack up your vehicle, your home, your companion and head off there!

caravan comapnies in india
Source: https://curlytales.com/madhya-pradesh-tourism-promotes-caravans-to-explore-the-heart-of-india-in-covid-times/
  • Promotion by state governments

Recently, it has been interesting to observe how a number of state governments too seem to be promoting caravans as a form of travel option. Kerala, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka are amongst the first few to have already introduced caravanning as an option within their territories.

  • Money, money, money, must be funny!

Ah okay, that’s an Abba song, in case my reference confused you. :p The truth is that caravanning is lauded world over for being a more cost effective option because it covers your transportation, your lodging and for many even their meals as you can cook on a caravan itself. This cost friendly nature, however, is a factor depending on the kind of caravan you opt for.

  • Enhances the experience

While this may seem generic, experienced caravanners will vouch for this. Your observance if the roads and the surrounding scenery is not rushed but is simply at your pace. Your time allotted to a place, a person or more is also at your own pace. Then there’s also the fact that the time on the road allows you to bond better with your fellow travellers because your time together is yours alone. ?

road trips in india
Source: https://www.theweek.in/leisure/lifestyle/2019/04/29/tripping-on-travel-girl-power-and-caravanning.html

Bloggers and YouTubers, Sharanya and Ankita Kumar, made quite the mark on caravanning in India when their show came out in which they were caravanning across parts of North East India. This is amongst a string of other YouTube series that you can happily binge on to get your caravan mood going!

Caravan Companies In India

If the pangs are pulling at your heart a little too much, then don’t worry, my explorer friend, we’re sharing with you some of the caravan companies in India that you can choose to make this dream a reality.

Campervan Camps and Holidays

campervans camp and holidays
Source: https://www.cntraveller.in/story/7-caravans-hire-cost-road-trip-india-mumbai-pune-bengaluru-weekend-getaway/

Based out of: Bangalore

Possible travel options: Bandipur, Gokarna, Hampi, Kabini, etc.

Amenities: 200 sq. ft. space, 2 bedrooms and a seating area, toilet with hot water, kitchenette with RO water, gas, toaster and refrigerator, barbecue connection outside, WiFi, GPS tracking, etc.

The start-up launched a set of luxury caravans too a while back. So, if cost effectiveness isn’t what’s on your mind but a lush lounging trip is what you seek, then make your way through the greens with this one! Additionally, they come with their very own driver too, so, you won’t be at the wheels but instead on its sofas and cushions to ease you in.

Trippy Wheels

trippy wheels
Source: https://www.trippywheels.com/

Based out of: Bangalore

Possible travel options: Yana, Hampi, BR Hills, Dandeli, Tala Kaveri, Hirekolale Lake, Sakrebayalu , Dubare Forest Camp, Kundapura, Bhadra Sanctuary, and, also, across the state to Goa and Andhra Pradesh.

Amenities: Simple but equipped kitchenette, bed with quilt and pillows, indoor and outdoor games, air conditioning and a music system.

The hold pride in referring to themselves as, “India’s first affordable rental caravan company”. With fewer number of caravans, they look to provide you with a more pocket friendly cost while providing a cosy experience too. Once again, the caravan comes with an accompanying driver.


motor homes
Source: https://motorhome.co.in/

Based out of: Delhi

Possible travel options: Himachal, Ladakh, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand

Amenities: Lounge area, bed, sofa, fridge, microwave, shower with toilet

Having been around since 1998, this is a seasoned company and they sure know what they’re doing. From a 2 people caravan to one with 12 berths, there’s plenty of options to choose from. In fact, one can even opt for a Club On Wheels option! It comes with a dance floor, smoke floor, DJ set and the works! They also make a good choice as they cover wider amount of territory, so, if you get hooked you can keep exploring more and more options.

More Caravan Companies:

  • Camper Trails
  • Camping Co.
  • Wacation On Wheels
  • Relax Caravan
  • Pinnacle Finetza

So, you know what’s there to love about it, you know whom to contact to get yourself taking one of these adventures, so, what do you say, get, set, road tripping??

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