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Camp Splendour : Idyllic Weekend Break from Bangalore, Chennai

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Camp Splendour is the brain child of Retired Group Captain Jayashankar, who in 2005, received the National Adventure Award, which is equivalent to the Arjuna Award, for his air based activities of parachuting and skydiving. His expertise in adventure activities led him to the lesser known Thirumoorthy hill area to start a camp for the same. It is located in Dhali village, Udumalpet , about 40 kms from Pollachi in Tamil Nadu.

Thirumoorthy hill

The property spread over 8,000 sq.ft looks out over the blue waters of the Thirumoorthy dam with the mountains of the Anamalai range of the Western Ghats forming an impressive backdrop. Surrounded by beautiful forest cover and tall eucalyptus trees, the setting is picture perfect.

Camp Splendour

The camp is perfect both for adventure seekers and for nature enthusiasts. The activities available range from canoeing, kayaking (with a guide if you so wish), trampoline, Jet skiing to archery, rope activities and hiking.


A 3 km. hike through the hills will take you to the Panjalinga Falls, a beautiful scenic spot. A temple adjoining the fall draws devotees as much for its religious significance as for its lovely location in the midst of nature. If you are lucky you could spot deer at the water hole, with peacocks calling in the background.

 Panjalinga Falls

OHOT Weekend Trips

A small scenic trekking path winding away from the camp goes up to a point where one can get a panoramic view of the dam and hills. The 2.5 km. stretch around the dam is ideal for cycling or walking and if you are up at sunrise, you are likely to hear the raucous call of the peacock  and   surprise deer at the water hole. Greet the locals herding their cows towards grassy pastures.

Sit with family and friends around a campfire under the stars, to the accompaniment of music.

The camp has two dormitories that can house up to 15 people at a time. A vast hall with mattresses lined up on the floor, gives it the feel of an army camp.

Three twin sharing rooms and one bamboo hut are the other options.

Camp Splendour has tied up with nearby defense units, tourism and sports development authority of Tamil Nadu and various schools and colleges, to promote adventure sports in the region.

Mr Jayashankar and his team customize packages for corporate, for their employees to engage in team building exercises.

All the staff, the Life guards, the Trekking guides at Camp Splendour, belong to the nearby villages. By providing employment, the Camp ensures  a sustainable lifestyle for them. They are also happy to share their knowledge of the area with guests.

The Camp, in its Swach Bharat endeavour, has tied up with the forest department and the civil administration to periodically  clean up  the waterfront.

Camp Splendour is just two hours from Coimbatore.

Trip leader Neeraj Narayanan discovered the camp when he was driving around with his friends.  On His Own Trip recently took a group of 20 trippers to this lakeside camp, and we had a whale of a time kayaking, swimming in the water with life jackets, going for rides on the jet ski, and just spending a nice day at the camp!

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