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Cafes in Thimphu

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Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan is beautiful in every sense. Every building looks like a lesson in architecture. The locals are warm and welcoming and there is always a pot of coffee brewing in a cafe nearby.

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Ambient cafe: Our favourite cafe in the city, this cute and cozy cafe is located near the traffic circle. The moment you enter, you’ll be drawn towards the dessert counter. Try the carrot cake here with hot chocolate (it comes with marshmallows, Yum!). The service is fast and the food is great

They have a small section for a library which is also a book exchange. Do you need more reasons to visit the cafe? Well they have a pet cat who mostly sleeps in a basket, but if she really likes you she’ll climb on your lap and purr there peacefully.

The Zone: One of the most happening places in the city, this place is usually full so try to go a little early to get seats specially if you are a big group.

Have you ever tried a Yak burger? It’s the most ordered dish here. Order it with a pint of beer and you can chill with your friends listening to the music and grooving to it as well. They don’t have a dance floor but they won’t stop you if you show your awesome dance moves on the space next to your table (This is tried and tested!)

The Zone:
Source: TripAdvisor

Thijha cafe: Located near the Clock Tower, the ambience is great with an extensive menu and a view of the football stadium. The place is quite big and they serve a wide selection of beverges including the famous Illy coffee.

The cafe is opened till 10 pm unlike most other food joints which usually close a little early. After a nice day of sightseeing, this place gives you enough reasons to hangout a little more in the city with a cup of coffee or maybe a mug of beer. You decide. After all it’s your vacation!

Thijha cafe
Source: Wicked Spoon Confessions

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