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Cafes in Tangiers

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Tangier is a city laying in the north-western end of the country of Morocco. When we think of Morocco our minds usually go to the cultural and colourful vibrance of this country for a wide variety of reasons. The city of Tangier particularly is known for having been the choice of the royals to holiday since decades now! Its location on a bay of the Strait of Gibraltar is to be credited for this amongst other factors. And, of course, my dear one, you are no less than royalty, right?! ? Hah, I mean if you happen to head over to this city for a break, business or anything else, then surely one thinks you will want is good food, good food, good food. So, we have you covered with a list of cafes where you can get just that!

Best time to visit: April to June, September to October

How to reach: You will have to catch connecting flights to get you till Tarifa in Morocco. From Tarifa you can hop onto a ferry to reach Tangier.

Café Hafa

Must try dishes: Mint Tea, Snacks

1)Café Hafa
Source: https://www.sailwiz.com/sail-on-a-tall-ship-from-madeira-tangier-lisbon


Established in 1921, this rooftop café is the unofficially crowned most popular café of the city of Tangier. Of course, its tea, snacks and appetizers are certainly relish-worthy making your visit worthwhile. But the key to its popularity is in its location where it faces the sea from, looking right at Europe right from here! And, we aren’t just saying an outline but actual land. So, how about spending an afternoon or an early evening here, as you sip on a nice beverage, munch away on a little something and immerse into the view spread out on a platter right before you. Click a picture, read a book, write a little something and dip away into another time period here. Take in its rustic air, its cosy spaces and the escape it offers.

La Terrasse Du 9 Avril

Must try dishes: Tajine

2)La Terrasse Du 9 Avril
Source: https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/0a/6b/18/eb/place-du-9-avril-1947.jpg

Located at the cusp marking the entry of the Grand Socco, is the café that goes by the name of Terasse Du Avril. The café is also nestled with string of trees softly offering a breezy atmosphere and ambience to the place. This is where you ought to try the Moroccan classic dish called tajine. It is named after the earthenware pot itself in which it is prepared. Try the savoury flavours it presents for giving a taste of the authentic flavours of the land that you are visiting. Who knows, maybe you will like it so much that you’ll come back home and try to even cook it yourself! I mean if you are spending so much time exploring a cuisine, then why not bring back its tricks in the kitchen too along with you to make some of those yummy dishes? Ah, don’t forget to send some over to my place. ?

Le Detroit Palace

Must try dishes: Zaaluk and Couscous

cafes in tangiers
Source: https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/0a/6b/18/eb/place-du-9-avril-1947.jpg

Meet a simplistic café which is renowned yet again for its location. What’s so interesting about it? Well, you are led to this café by making your way to the Kasbah. From the passage of a tunnel you will be led through paved paths to end up here. Try some of the local delicacies to let your tongue explore their pickled form, their tanginess and their flavourful use of local produce and spices. Their pots and pans build up distinctive flavours for those looking to explore them and those curious about the local food too. Sit back, dive into a dish and relax by digging away into the food on your plate and the surroundings that the place offers to you. You can sit on to enjoy the sunlight in all its glory overlooking the stretch of the Strait.

La Terrasse De Dar El Kasbah

Must try dishes: Sizzling woks, fresh fruit juices

4)La Terrasse De Dar El Kasbah
Source: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/articles/top-10-tea-terraces-in-tangier-morocco

You will not believe just how old this café is. Can you take a wild guess? Well, the answer is that it dates back to the year 1882! And, even now the café has precariously retained its original wooden staircase. So, as they tenderly creak below your feet you will be led to its terrace which is a bright dash of colour. The café has a bohemian charm to it in its décor with the bright blue floors to the yellow and earthen pots against it. Sink yourself into one of its soft sofas and enjoy the typical Moroccan evening which has made these terrace cafes such a popular affair in this city. Their menu is a pretty wide one and you will find yourself spoilt for choice as you pick out your dishes for the day.

Café Baba

Must try dishes: Authentic local specials

cafe baba
Source: https://theculturetrip.com/africa/morocco/articles/11-top-cafes-and-coffee-shops-in-tangier/

One glance at this place and doesn’t it make you nostalgic? For college days, for days spent with close friends, for that hang out spot where you go so often that even the staff knows your name? Well, this café that is actually a historic one thanks to its long-dated presence in the city is all about offering you that cosy time and reminiscing while you enjoy your time here. But don’t let the cosiness fool you into thinking that it isn’t popular because this one is actually frequented by a number of celebrities too. After all we are all suckers for nostalgia, right?

So, which café would you head over to first and foremost to lounge around in?

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