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Cafes in Kaza

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Kaza is a picturesque town in Spiti Valley. Unlike other parts of Spiti that are very remote and basic in terms of what’s available there, Kaza has a fair share of cafes for you to explore. Sharing some of the best ones with you.

Sol Café

This is a multi-coloured gem in Kaza. It has notes from visitor from all the world hanging on its walls and ceilings. It shares titbits about the area. They have been a small set of souvenirs and gift items. You can enjoy their coffee and bakes goods in their simply cosy interiors.

Sol Cafe

Café Zomsa

With a wide spacious set-up and an even wider menu serving falafel, pizzas, pastas, Thai curry, etc. this café makes for a wholesome visit. On most nights they have live music artists performing. They also have a rack with books and board games.

Himalayan Café

The café welcomes you with the traditional Buddhist prayer flags strewn at the top, a classic sign of Tibetan settlements. With its terrace, this café is a good pick for lunch time wherein you can enjoy the view as you eat. The sandwiches are a favourite pick.

Himalayan Café

German Bakery

What must one have after a good meal? When you’re on vacation you ought to pamper yourself. For the goodness of desserts, cakes and all forms of baked goods walk to German bakery. You know these can be trusted across the world for a sweet bite.

Deyzor Restaurant

The hotel’s restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine in addition to the usual café food. You can also try their salads. The staff is warm and welcoming.

Deyzor Restaurant

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