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Cafes in Shillong

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Known as Scotland of India or the Rock capital of the country, Shillong is a beautiful city in the North East. Fashionable people, talented musicians and a city which is surrounded by nature, you definitely need to spend a couple of days here. Bringing to you the cafes of Shillong which should definitely be in your list:

Cafe Shillong: In a basic building overlooking the busy Don Bosco Square area, you’ll find one of the best cafes of Shillong. The food is delicious ranging from Chinese, Continental, and Indian. The place is cozy with a nice ambience. You can decide to sit indoors or choose the seating outside. Remember, they don’t take reservations and the place gets full during weekends. So, try to go a little early to grab good seats.

We recommend the momos, roasted pork ribs, pastas, lasagna. Wait! We love the food here and everything is delicious. This is a must visit place whenever you go to Shillong.

cafes in shillong
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Dylan’s Cafe: Another gem in Shillong, you get the warm vibes the moment you enter it. A lazy breakfast, Sunday brunch or a romantic dinner date, you name it and you get it all here. You will be busy looking at the decor. The ceiling is divided up in 16-square inch tiles, each one with a different painting, motto, joke, or a Dylan reference on it.

The food is yummy and it is one stop shop for everything from burgers, peri peri chicken to blueberry pancakes. We love our hot chocolates and therefore one extra point to Dylan’s for the best hot chocolate in town.

cafes in shillong
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The cafe also hosts live music gigs regularly to support independent talent. Hey, they have a selection of board games to keep you entertained too.

Dylan's cafe
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Munchies: You don’t go to munchies for a nice decor or for it’s instagrammable vibes. You go to munchies for the delicious and budget friendly food. The burgers here are amazing, and we liked the spaghetti with meatballs as well. They offer Lebanese, Russian, Italian and Mexican food too. The seating is outdoor overlooking the street and is limited. We promise you good food which won’t cost you a bomb when visiting this place. Happy munching!

munchies shillong
Source: QuickListing
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