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Cafes in Dublin

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If you are headed to the capital of Ireland which also happens to be its largest city, then you’re in for quite the week! From the Wicklow mountains to the sea, the fishing villages to the beaches, Dublin is rich in the range of experiences that it can offer. It is also one of the only 6 UNESCO recognized cities of literature on account of the contributions made by people hailing from here.

Best time to visit: June to August

How to reach: In order to reach Dublin from India you would have to opt for a connecting flight and in some cases, even two via Frankfurt and Munich.

Now if you are headed to Dublin and are seeking some good food, here are some suggestions of cafes that you could enjoy eating out in:

The Tram Café

Must try dishes: Sponge cake, apple pie, espresso coffee

the tram cafe
Source: https://lovindublin.com/reviews/cafe/dublins-new-tram-cafe-is-a-wonderful-addition-to-the-city

For the ones who appreciate the effort that an eatery puts into its ambience and appearance, this one is a total delight. This cute little café is styled as a tram in the middle of busy streets. So, imagine you are walking along the road, busy taking in the sights of Dublin and what do you come across? A tram! So, if you happen to be around Jervis Street or Henry Street, you can stop at this cute little café. Of course, you may want to get a few good pictures in but you will just as well enjoy their cakes and coffee which make for quite a delicious affair.

Meet Me In The Morning

Must try dishes: Gubeen chorizo, Kanturck black pudding, toast with spiced plum comote

meet me in the morning
Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B9d3SzZlGJW/

Ahem ahem, it seems that someone isn’t quite fond of tete-a-tetes in the ungodly dark hours, eh? ? Well, jokes aside, whether you’re a morning person or someone who is tumbling out of bed by nearly lunch time and in either situation you find those hunger pangs coming knocking, then Meet Me In The Morning is the place where you ought to head. In addition to its tastefully done interiors that welcome you, the menu in itself is undoubtedly the star attraction. While the don’t boast of a very extensive menu, they do ensure that whatever they do serve you is a packed with a lot of flavours!

The Bernard Shaw and Big Blue Bus

Must try dishes: Burgers, Chicken Wings, Slushie Cocktails

the bernard shaw
Source: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/bernard-shaw-pub-latest-dublin-venue-to-close-0gnf9bqmz

Look at that. Doesn’t it seem like a bright burst of colours opening upon the walls? Well, unlike the other counterparts making it to this article, the Bernard Shaw happens to be a major level chain with multiple branches. That said, if you haven’t been to one yet, you may as well hop right into it when in Dublin. It functions as an eatery by day and transforms itself into a pub by night. They have quite a wide list of wines available that a good old wine lover would love to enjoy along with their edibles to go on the side. Now if you are amongst what we call the experimental ones, you could try what they call the “Slushie Cocktails”. Move over chilled beers and regular cocktails, Bernard Shaw has something else to offer over here. And, then of course, their food such as the chicken wings, the burgers, the appetizers especially make for quite a nice meal.

Two Fifty Square

Must try dishes: Affogato, Vietnamese Iced Coffee, Filter Coffee

two fifty square
Source: https://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g186605-d7058260-i115903471-Two_Fifty_Square_Coffee_Roasters-Dublin_County_Dublin.html

If your day starts up on the note, “but first coffee”, then you are going to want to pay a visit to Two Fifty Squares. Now when I say pay a visit, I must forewarn you that this is not the easiest café to find. So, only if your need for breathing in that coffee air and stirring a nice hot cup in front of you is that strong, will you venture to find this one. It rests in the Rathmines area and is popular for the variety of coffee it offers. In addition, they also prepare a number of speciality coffees and beverages allowing you to get away from your usual order and even experiment a little out there!

 The Pepper Pot

Must try dishes: Bagels, Cake

the pepper pot
Source: https://thetaste.ie/wp/place-refuel-revive-dublin-city-pepper-pot-powerscourt-town-centre-cafe-review/

In the Powerscourt Town Centre, is a place reviewed and referred by some to be a spot where you can head to “refuel and revive” yourself while in Dublin. And, looking at its nice airy space along with a nice hearty menu, one can see just why! The rustic café is known for being the ideal spot for a relaxed bite between a busy day. They make their bagels here from scratch and your savoury cravings will find themselves completely satiated by munching away on those. Also, you cannot leave without having a slice of cake or some other dessert here because it also known for being quite the kind caterer to those of us with sweet tooths!

So, when in Dublin what hunger pangs are you looking to feed off first and foremost?!

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