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Cafes in Cherrapunjee

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Cherrapunji is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It looks like a beautiful postcard. There is always a waterfall or a stream near by and it is always about to rain. The forests are so many different shades of green that you will lost count, and the sky is beautiful at night with twinkling stars all over.

Now, this is a remote area where you won’t find a lot of cafes or restaurants. We bring to you few options for your hunger pangs.

Orange Roots: Almost at the very beginning of town, this restaurant is seemingly the gateway to Cherrapunjee. It’s very close to the road entrance of Arwah caves, and is about 2 kilometres from the beautiful Saimika resort.

Since it closes by 6 pm, most people come here for lunch. The place is clean, service is fast, and there is a huge hall so even if you are a big group, you will easily find space. The menu is mostly Indian, but there is good variety from north Indian thalis to South Indian meals and dosa.

Cherrapunjee lacks restaurant options, so outside of your resort, this may be your best bet!

Orange Roots cafe
Source: TripAdvisor

Cafe Cherrapunjee: When in Meghalaya, you should definitely go for Zip lining. Swishing away in the mountains while shouting your lungs out gives you a thrill which keeps you asking for more.

After your share of adventure, you can grab a hearty lunch in Cafe Cherrapunji which is half km from the Zip lining place. They offer Indian food alongside with the Chinese and local delicacies. We hog on the food each time we are in the area.

Cafe Cherrapunjee
Source: Agoda

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