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Cafes and Pubs in Split

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The ocean hugging city of Split is known for its rocky coves and beaches. If you’re travelling to Split and looking for a fun evening out, to let your hair down, here are some of the best pubs and cafes to do so:


They serve a range of cocktails and coffees to be enjoyed with their options for munchies. Their menu contains a lot of enjoyable grilled items. The DJ gets pretty active as night time sets in and the pub sees a steady footfall of travellers making their way here to enjoy their night.


Located amidst the historical part of town, you will see this reflected in the buildings and area surrounding the pub. It is located in a narrow street but can be easily spotted due to its popularity. If you want to get a place to sit you should reach there, maximum by 11 pm. The pub is usually open till about 2 am.


Beer lovers looking for a cold brew can head here. Their options of craft beers are extensive and quite tasty. They serve not only Croatian but also other international beers. The staff is knowledgeable on the beers and ready with friendly suggestions, should you need any.



It sees a lot of crowd from the nearby hostel and is a good idea if you are travelling alone. Otherwise also it is a nice option to get your night started as they are quite cheap. Happy hours are for 8 hours! With their neon lights and loud music, it’s a fun place to be.


If you enjoy smooth jazz you can head to Jazzbina for a smooth cocktail and some smoother jazz music. They have live artists and bands performing frequently. You can check out their social media handles to see the upcoming gigs.


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