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Buran Ghati Trek

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buran ghati trek
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Maximum Altitude: 15000 ft

Duration: 8 days

Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult

You remember those first art projects at school? The ones where your teacher asked you to draw scenery? As a kid, I wanted to draw everything in mine. From snow clad peaks to grassy meadows and lush forests, a little cottage where a stream flows nearby, few cows mooing and a lot of birds in the sky, sun rising with the widest grin, stars still twinkling in the sky. As you can imagine, it used to be very cluttered and messy but I couldn’t leave any of it. And I want it all even now. If you are like me, then Buran Ghati should be on top of your list.

janglik, himachal
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This trek will refresh you with different landscapes it has to offer. The trek starts from Janglik, a pretty hamlet in Himachal. You will cross small quaint villages with wooden houses and wheat fields, and then move on to the thicker and denser forests of oak and pine. The flowers & herbs are in plenty along the trail. Numerous glistening streams will make sure you have enough water.

treks in himachal
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The forest opens into vast green meadows of Dayara. With a picturesque view of snow-capped mountains in the background and beautiful wildflowers on the grass bed, get ready to be amazed.  You will come across the Chandranahan Lake. It is a small glacial lake which remains frozen for the most part of the year. The views from here are thrilling so be ready with your camera to capture them.

buran ghati
Source: IG handle @incrediblepahadi

You are welcomed by a spectacular view of Dhauladhar range at the pass. On a clear day, a panoramic view of the Kinner-Kailash peaks is also visible from the top. Look around; maybe you will see the sun giving you thumbs up.

In most of the treks, climbing the top is the most thrilling part but here the ascending down can get a little technical and you might need to use ropes to get down the considerably straight face of ice. A big yes for snow rappelling. Add few long snow slides and I guess it cannot better than this. Slide away to your childhood here. Whoosh! The trek ends at the Barua village which is famous for fruits like apples, pears, peaches, and many more. But remember to ask before plucking an apple. Talk to the locals and get to know a bit about their lifestyle in the mountains.

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Buran Ghati trek is for someone who wants to test their adrenaline rush and capture the tiniest bit of the splendid nature. But personally, I’d also think that Buran Ghati is for that child who wanted to draw everything in their scenery.

Best Time to Visit

During the month of May and June the weather is pleasant in and you can witness the best scenic beauty of the Himalayan range. The sky is mostly clear with low clouds and the views are clear and bright. The trail is colourful with wildflowers and yet you will still find a good amount of snow on the trail.

The months of September and October are also good to trek. By this time, the snow melts which makes climbing easy. The monsoons are over and they give way to a clear sky.

How To Reach

Janglik is 8-9 hours drive from Shimla.

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