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Brahmatal Trek

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Who created the world? Ah, now that is the question that I’m sure will have one too many answers. You could trace out the answers from the big bang theory or other history books and of course, religion will tell its own tales. As per Hindu mythology Lord Brahma is said to be the creator god and is deeply revered so. It is said that at Brahmatal he observed a deep penance for several years at a stretch, leading to the name of the place being coined. I wonder if it was the sight of the Mount Trishul and Nanda Ghati that beseeched him to seek solace here? Did a godly figure also find answers in the embrace of nature like so many of us have? Or did his presence actually render the place godly?

Sigh. So many thoughts, so many questions. All stirred by the chilly mountain air of a place called Brahmatal. Home to much of the mountain magic, it is the state of Uttarakahand where this destination is also found. And somehow, the sweat and stamina to seek it out as you make your way up through a trek much sweeter as well.

How to reach: Arrive at Kathgodam and then travel for approximately 9- 10 hours by road to reach Lohajung. Kathgodam can be reached by a train or by bus too. It is just an overnight journey from Delhi.

Best time to visit: September to April

Duration: 6 days

Altitude: 12,250 ft

Difficulty level: Moderate

brahmatal trek
Source: https://travelntrek.in/tours/brahmatal-trek/

For a rendezvous with both nature and adventure, throw on your trekking shoes, pick up your rucksack and make your way through this hilly region. Starting from Kathgodam, the first leg of your trek is reaching the base camp by road, a journey that can be enjoyed as you spot tiny villages such as Ranikhet and Almora. Your trek kickstarts in Lohajung where you can interact with the locals to know about the trials and triumphs about their lives, to learn a little about their culture and to hear the story about Lord Brahma the way the grandmothers have narrated to children of the land as bedtime stories. Pass through Kali Valley where rivers Pindar and Kali merge into one another. And don’t worry this trek to spend as much time as the mountains as you want. On your second day itself you make your way from Lohajung to Bekaltal which sits sewed within a cluster of oak trees. Don’t worry you needn’t go hug the trees just yet because they are going to keep you company for a long time. The trail for this trek is blessed with oaks, cedar, conifer and fir trees throughout.

Source: https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fdiscoveryhike.com

Spend your days trekking through enchanting forests and each evening reach your tent for the ultimate “room with a view” experience. After all, how often does a room let you pull down its zipper to see layers of snow right outside! Pack up those fuzzy socks, those brightly coloured ear muffs you find cute and your thickest jacket to make your snow trek a cozy trip for yourself. A snow trek isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It can be blisteringly cold; it can leave your body aching with the frost and it can leave your bum hurting from all the slipping…ooui ma! And yet, for some a snow trek is the most surreal experience in a lifetime for you don’t conquer nature but you surrender yourself to nature, you respect the mountain and its might, you learn from the challenges it throws at you and you express gratitude for its unseen beauty that it lets you witness.

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treks in uttarakhand
Source: https://travelntrek.in/tours/brahmatal-trek/

Located opposite the famous Roopkund, this trek in addition to the panoramic sighting of snow-clad peaks awards you best of all with an alpine lake. Brahmatal named after Lord “Brahma” and “tal” which means lake. The glacial lake is prettily perched in an opening amidst the mountainous region. While the lake sits in the centre its beauty gets more amplified by the overlooking peaks and the nearby trees on its nape. Would you sit down to meditate remembering how this place brought penance to one of the most revered gods named in Hindu relics? Would you be the adventurous child who just has to plunge their feet in freezing deep?! Or would you just sit down to gaze at it all, slowly, without a rush or worry in the world, just to let your eyes tenderly memorize all that is before you?

best treks in india
Source: https://travelntrek.in/tours/brahmatal-trek/

Through the streams and dotted hamlets along the way, the meadows eventually lead you to a clearing and you find yourself at the top from where you find Mount Trishul and Mount Nanda Ghunti along with the ridge between them named Ronti Saddle, all beaming back at you. The top isn’t about the sheer beauty alone that you get to witness. Naturally, the view at the top is one that leaves you amazed. But just as well is the exhilaration of the last few days of hard work that culminate into a result as picturesque as this. And because a trek is just as much about the wonders of nature as it is about your own limits and grit that keeps you going, about the flocks of sheep and doggos you befriend along the way, about the tree trails you know you’ll miss back home, about the rucksack that you lug through as a loyal companion, about all the people you meet making their pilgrimage to the mountain top too and about each of those memories that sink in as you finally reach the destination you’d dreamed about. And yet again, I wonder. I wonder if Lord Brahma knew that one day there’ll be thrill seekers coming along this way or if they too would need that time for self-introspection within nature or if he smiles below just to see the elation that one feels as they approach that lake that he left for all to be mesmerized by. I wonder. And maybe, so does he.

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