On His Own Trip

Neeraj Narayanan’s book is now available for sale on Amazon and Flipkart.

1. Sandy: Beautiful. Adventurous. Honest.

I’m not sure of the right words or how to put this. But if travelling was a sort of religion, Neeraj Narayanan/Cap’n Nero has wrote something equivalent of a holy scripture. With that being said, even the staunchest atheist would pack his backpack after reading this book. I know. Weird analogy but hear me out. This book is an amazing collection of stories about Captain Nero’s solo journey around the world and how his experiences over the last decade has shaped him to be the trip leader that he is today. Beautiful mix of light hearted moments and reflections, happiness and melancholy, courage and spontaneity. Grab a copy and dive into the streets of Barcelona to the islands of Halong Bay, the mountains of Pokhara to the jungles of Thailand. Definitely a must read for travellers and for those keen to travel.

2. Kuldeep Singh Yadav:  A Book that speaks to you. Yes it does!!

The litmus test of a great book is when reader start seeing himself in it and imagine living the moment with each passing story.
While writing your own travelogue, you tend to fall into a narcissistic trap where you glorify each incident creating awe factor in order to captivate reader’s attention. Fortunately, Neeraj does not fall for it giving more importance to plot, people, place while building the narrative.
His story telling is undoubtedly marvellous taking you on a journey you wish last forever. You smell, you taste, you feel each and every moment while flipping or tapping the pages.
The book consists of little anecdotes about great achievers like George Mallory and more giving you extra piece of information while building the context. At the end, you feel overwhelmed and find yourself trivial in this gamut of extraordinary folks.
You live, breathe, dreams with the protagonist in his voyage of self-discovery. That’s what essentially travelling does. You get lost and find yourself at the end.
Sometime reality is too complex and a great story make it simpler. Hold this book in your palm in a rainy morning and delve yourself in a mesmerizing expedition of life and adventures.
Being an avid reader, this was the fastest I read so far. Great literary work!! Just Go and Get a hand on it!!

3. Abha Nirula: Of people, beautiful bonds, dreams, landscapes and more; highly recommended!

During this pandemic, we have often felt the urge to travel out. Now while that is not an option, this book makes you travel as much to different places imagining the emarald green lakes and the landscape as much it allows you to delve a bit inward. This book is a page turner, and makes you crack up and smile every now and then. It comes as a fresh breeze during these times. We often read about travelers and their adventures, but this book takes you through a journey about personal evolution that only traveling can bring about and the ending too marks beginning of new adventures. Can’t recommend it enough to everyone who loves stories, whether into reading or not. This book will definitely keep you hooked and you wouldn’t want it to end.

4. Shreenivas Raju: An Absolute Must-Read All the Way…!!!

This is the culmination of the dedication and spirit and passion and love of a trailblazer…a most intrepid of travellers…a master storyteller…a true travelling pioneer with a penchant for chasing his dreams and a proclivity for making the travel dreams of regular folks come true…and a leader who truly inspires and motivates his crew and his tribe of trippers from all over…This is going to be an absolute page-turner…that much is guaranteed…an epic, funny and wholesome tale of adventures, escapades and lessons learnt on the road…atop mountains and glaciers…in the deepest woods…amidst waterfalls…and in the bosom of Mother Nature…For those who know This Guy and for the Uninitiated as well…I cannot recommend this book enough…this is anything but regular run-of-the-mill stuff…So grab a copy and open your minds, hearts, souls and spirits to the magic of this master traveller…Happy Trails…!!!

5. Aditi Gupta: Surely !! A must read ?

Oh..Thois book has left a big smile on my face.Amazingly expressed each and every single feeling. I wish I could be like you Nero ?
If you love travel, you must read this book…
And if you don’t love travel then I am sure you will gonna start loving it after reading this amazing creation.
Just completed the best book that I have ever read. I am astonished because of the simplicity you have and the way you love travel like anything. You are a true inspiration to every traveler. You know wat, while I was reading the book.. suddenly I stopped and went into a world where you and Lhoti were playing with the water in the pond, where you and Nadine were roaming in the night, where you stucked yourself in the middle of a jungle, where you and Rob were climbing on the cliff, where Noi was sharing hed life experiences with you
And what not ?
I am more eager to come on a trip with you.
More love to you ☺️

6. Sangeeta Shetty: A journey worth taking.

Have been mesmerized with his travel stories innumerable times. Have experienced different emotions through his amazing story telling skills. Finally his book is here. I have felt varied emotions through the book. Its like I have been on a journey through various countries and meeting different people. I could feel the moments and the experiences. I could picture the ppl who have been referred to, especially the history that is shared in some. Seldom have I had the need to pause reading so that i can soak in the feeling. I had to do with this book. Its a journey through Nero’s eyes. A line from the book goes “What counts is to have a heart that is alive”, my heart felt alive every moment I was reading this book. This book is a bundle of happiness. For anyone who wants to travel solo, this one will be your push. And for anyone who has travelled, its like reliving your journey 🙂

7. Masarrat Khatri:  Magical 🙂

I have travelled with Neeraj and attended his story telling events and he is amazing at both. Have been waiting for this book since so long and finally it is out. Nobody narrates stories better than Neeraj and this book is a proof of that. This is a must read for everyone, whether you like to read or not or whether you like to travel or not. When you read this book, you will travel to a positive, beautiful, magical world.

8. Amazon Customer: Straight from the heart !!!

If you wish to escape into a world full of adventure, travel and love, then look no further.
This is it !!
Without a second thought, go ahead and do yourself a favour.
One of the most amazing story tellers I have been lucky to know personally.
This Guy’s own his own trip is sure to make you smile and cry in the happiest way !!

9. Srishti Narula: A Journey Worth Reading

There’s a bit of traveller in each one of us. But this book is not only about that. Having heard numerous stories by Neeraj on the trips with This Guy On His Own Trip, he’s always made people believe that the world runs on love, compassion & kindness. It will leave you smiling.

10. Priyanka Jain: That book that you can’t put down once you begin!

Neeraj has this beautiful knack of making listeners and readers immerse into his stories. Before you know, you would start feeling the emotions narrated. It’s almost hypnotic. Anyone who wants to laugh, cry or just feel alive, should buy this

11. Abhay Tyagi: Story that will really inspire you to dare to get lost and be on your own trip!!!

The book articulates a different way of story telling, which is pretty unique. Even for those who have not read a book before, this would be an engaging ride that surely inspires.

12. Sneha Torvi: Mesmerizing read..

Very well and beautifully written. I could not stop reading till I finished the book!
Looking forward to reading more of your adventures Neeraj 🙂