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The fear of the unknown bothers most of us, even if it comes at the cost of chasing our dreams. How many of us want to drop everything that we are doing and travel the world? How many of us do?

Neeraj Narayanan just did that, quitting his job one day and flying to Barcelona. Join him on his journey as he takes you rollicking across some countries in Europe and South East Asia, motoring up high mountain passes, hiding in jungles, being part of crazy festivals, and ending up with furious bulls, bears, and gipsies on his tail.

At some point, he has almost no money left but his resolve to build a life out of travel doesn't ebb.

This is a witty yet heart-warming tale of one man's solo journey for a year. While he goes to find beautiful places, he ends up finding trust, compassion, and a universe conspiring to make all his dreams come true.

This guy's really on his own trip and promises to take you on one too! 

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