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Bhairavgad Trek

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Altitude: 1145m

Average time taken: 8-9 hours

Difficulty level: Moderate – Difficult

How to reach: If you are visiting from Mumbai, you can take a local train till Kalyan from CST station. Thereafter, you can take a jeep till Moroshi. You may have to do a prior booking for this jeep.

Ideal time to visit: Pre and post monsoon

Bhairavgad Trek
Source: https://d4gelhspcb66a.cloudfront.net/tours/trek-to-bhairaogad-and-moroshi-in-malshej-ghat

When you’re doing this trek there comes a point where the theme music from the hit reality TV series “Khatro Ke Khiladi” will start to ring in your ears. It will happen instantly; it will happen automatically and you will see just why. But hey, we are getting a little ahead of ourselves.

Maharashtra is home to multiple Bhiravgad forts, however, this particular one, namely Bhairavgad Moroshi is regarded as the most challenging one. In the ancient years, this Bhoj dynasty fort used to function as an outpost in order to observe the Kalyan-Junnar and Naneghat-Jeevdhan trade routes. During the trek you can pay your respects at the temple of Bhairavnath housed at Machi.

Bhairavgad Moroshi
Source: https://d4gelhspcb66a.cloudfront.net/tours/trek-to-bhairaogad-and-moroshi-in-malshej-ghat

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The dike formation structure consists of a spiralling rocky staircase. The steps are narrow and require you to look carefully where you plant your feet. Eventually, the steps all but disappear and you have to use both your hands and feet so as to pull yourselves up. This is thus recommended to be taken with an experienced guide. And most importantly, should be avoided on days where heavy rainfall is expected.

The reason why this trek is deemed to be a challenge is mainly credited to the patch where there is an overhang like feeling. By overhang here I mean a protruding structure. So, in essence the rocks are protruding in such a way that you are practically pushed slightly away on the thin steps. This is where its time to unleash your inner Mowgli! From a trek or climbing mode, you shall be required to switch into a rock-climbing mode. And this is where the song “Khatro Ke Khiladi” starts humming inside your head. But if you are sure of your foot, then trek away, my friend, after all “Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai!” ?

treks in maharashtra
Source: https://d4gelhspcb66a.cloudfront.net/tours/trek-to-bhairaogad-and-moroshi-in-malshej-ghat

Inside the fort there are also two caves. Step inside and rest where our ancestors and people from decades ago did! The Sahyadris are a treat when it comes to trek tales and forts. Once you reach the topmost point of this trek you can spot multiple other forts such as Naneghat, Jivdhan, Alang Madan Kulang, Harishchandragad and Rohida.

To add to the fun of your experience, there are even some trekking operators that provide rappelling as an activity here. Only if you are game!

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