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Best Time To Visit Nagaland

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Every year we do multiple trips to Nagaland, and have explored it thoroughly. So we do know exactly how it is every month.

The best time to visit Nagaland is from April to mid June, and September to October end.  During this time, the light rains make the mountains turn greener, the waterfalls become full and the landscape is beautiful.

Temperatures are around 22-25 degrees in the day, and  between 15-17 degrees at night, in these  months

In July and August there is a lot of rain, and roads in these mountains will be prone to landslides and could be risky to travel.

From December to March, the mountains become dry and brown and the landscape isn’t that pretty.

However, the Hornbill festival taking place in December attracts a lot of tourists. Its a festival showcasing the folk dances, music and culture of the different Naga tribes and travellers would find it a nice experience too.

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