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Best Time To Visit Meghalaya

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Wae Sawdong Meghalaya

Every year we do multiple trips to Meghalaya, and have explored it thoroughly. So we do know exactly how it is every month.

The best time to visit Meghalaya is in April and May, and September to October. This is when Meghalaya is at its greenest. The rivers and waterfalls are deliciously full. Everything looks beautiful.

In this season, the temperatures range from 18-23 degrees in the day, and around 15 – 16 degrees at night.

June to August end, there is heavy downpour almost daily, and if you want to do any outdoor activities, they might get affected because of the rain. Even the sightseeing would get affected, because it would be very misty.

From November to March, there won’t be rain, so it would be easy to move around. However, the mountains become absolutely brown, the landscape is brown, rivers and waterfalls have very less water, so you can’t see Meghalaya at its best then. Dawki river however looks best during this period. You can also see quite a lot of stars in the night sky during this period.

Since its the north east, it will become quite dark by 5 pm in the winter months.

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