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Best Places to Vist in South Goa: Cola Beach

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Cola Beach – South Goa’s Gem!

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Gone are the days when tourists flocked mostly to Baga or Calangute or Anjuna, when they landed in Goa. With Instagram and influencers starting a new wave of exploring lesser known places, travelers are now looking beyond North Goa as well.

South Goa has a lot of pretty little gems, and Cola Beach is one of them. Locally, it’s known as Kolah beach.

How to Reach Cola Beach:  Take the MDR49 if you are coming from Agonda (9 kms from Cola) or Palolem (16 kms from Cola). The route is pretty, with trees all around. Cross Parvem and the Shantadurga hotel and you will reach Saleri. Take the left turn here to enter the Cola Beach Road. There is a small indicator here to guide you. The Cola bus stand and an SBI atm is also located here.

From this point onwards, the road is no longer tarred. It’s a two km mud path to the beach. What starts as a flat path, suddenly changes to loose mud, slopes that go up and down, the entire way. There is no bus that takes you to the beach. If you are going by two wheeler, ride carefully. The loose gravel can cause the bike to skid if you drive recklessly. Cars can also ply this path. After 2 kms, you finally reach the Blue Lagoon parking spot, and from here take the stone stairway to the beach.

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Once you reach the beach, you will know why so many of us love Cola! The landscape, the cosy setting, of a small beach sandwiched between cliffs, a magical lagoon flowing merrily yonder, a beautiful resort built into the cliff, they all play their part in Cola being magical.

A couple of life guards sit with swagger under a set of poles covered by a thatched leafy roof. A kayak lies proudly in front of them. Some tourists are already kayaking in the lagoon.

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Things to do in Cola Beach: The lagoon is shallow, and you can go in easily and play in the water. You must try your hand at kayaking. Row the kayak and as you go in deeper, the coconut trees flanked on both sides form a natural canopy. The reflections on the water appear greener giving it a crystal, emerald look. There is a tree lying across the lagoon, like a little bridge, and you can row your kayak under it. Keep going ahead until you see a newly developed Yoga farm on your right. Spend an hour or so kayaking, it’s a beautiful, peaceful sport.

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The best time to visit Cola Beach is around late afternoon, so that you can catch the sunset here. After Cabo De Rama, this beach has one of the best sunsets in South Goa. Afternoons are hot, so you can sit in the nice café at Blue Lagoon resort and have lunch or order some drinks. Service is fast, the staff is cheerful and enjoy your time at the café.

Enjoy the sunset at Cola Beach. Take some pictures, as the evening sky turns to orange and pink!

Best sunset in goa

If you aren’t staying overnight, I would recommend that you leave soon after sunset. You don’t want to ride a two wheeler in the dark on that mud path if possible!

Stay at Cola Beach? There are a few hotels at Cola Beach. Blue Lagoon hotel has thirty forty cottages, of different categories. The base category is around Rs 3000. They aren’t air conditioned, but the sea breeze keeps the room cool. The bathrooms, like in so many resorts in South Goa, are huge and spacious.

If you want a slightly fancy stay, on the other side of the lagoon, built on the cliff face is Dwarika Resort. A little prim and proper, prices start around Rs 17,000 – 20,000 per night per cottage.

Cola Beach definitely should be on your travel list in any trip to South Goa!

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