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Best Places To Visit In Bosnia

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Bosnia and Herzegovina, commonly known simply as Bosnia, is a beautiful country with a rich culture. If you have never been to this small European country, then let me tell you that this country is full of cultural contradictions, people who wish you the warmest welcome, as well as the beautiful, untouched nature. Despite the overwhelming popularity of neighbouring Croatia, Bosnia is a destination that has somehow remained relatively unexplored and off the beaten path, much to the delight of those who include a stop there on their Balkans itinerary. With the border located less than an hour’s drive from top spots like Dubrovnik or Kotor, Montenegro, travelling to Bosnia is a cinch and makes for an amazing road trip: think lush rolling hills, centuries old ruins, historic cities and towering waterfalls pooling into jade-green lakes. Here are some of the places you should visit in this pretty country:


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The countries capital can’t be missed! But Sarajevo is not just Bosnia’s capital.A bustling, bubbling and surprising European capital that’s now heading full throttle into the modern age, Sarajevo has all but shed its former reputation as a ravaged war zone.Sarajevo is one of the cities that suffered the most during the Yugoslavian war that only ended in 1995. As such, the city is marked with reminders of the war, from bullet holes in the walls from sniper fire to “Sarajevo roses”, indentations left from exploded mortars that have been painted red in remembrance. But Sarajevo is a resilient city and is a must visit. Head to cosmopolitan Ferhadija Street for great shopping, then wander over to the old town, Sarajevo Bašcaršija. Here you’ll find towering mosques, bustling bazaars with traditional handicrafts like copper plates and gold-gilded tea sets, and plenty of outdoor cafes for sipping strong Bosnian coffee.


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If there’s one place that’s not to be missed on a Bosnia itinerary, it’s enchanting Mostar. Chances are you have already seen or heard of Mostar’s famous ‘Stari Most’ or old bridge as it has built quite a reputation for itself. This is one of the most instragrammed places in the world. This postcard town is perfect go on long walks. Visit the Koski Mehmed Pasa Mosque and climb its minaret for stunning views over Mostar. Go on walking tours to know more about the history of this town. And look at one of most beautiful sunsets from Stari Most when the sun casts a soft glow on the colourful facades from the surrounding cafes and restaurants.


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Blagaj is often overlooked by travellers visiting the nearby famous old bridge. Blagaj is is home to one of the country’s most photographed sites: The Velagić House and a monastery, both dramatically built into the side of a cliff. Blagaj Tekija (also known as Blagaj Tekke) dates back nearly six centuries, and was built right on the banks of the green Buna river which makes for a stunning contrast against the building’s whitewashed walls. This white building located underneath the edge of a cliff has become popular among photographers, Instagrammers, and travelers.


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Pocitelj is another medieval walled village perched on a mountain side. What makes it unique is the picturesque mix of Ottoman and medieval architecture. Built precipitously into the hillside overlooking the tranquil Neretva river, the town is fortified with thick rock walls, and the small wooden homes and stalls selling traditional handicrafts are linked with winding stone staircases. This once thriving city was partly destroyed during the Balkan wars, but has since been reconstructed and is under consideration to be designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  For such a small town there are surprisingly many sights to see: houses, mosque and the ruins of the fortress. From the last one you can admire views of Pocitelj and the surrounding area. This Ottoman-era fortress village is one of the most underrated but must-visit towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Kravica Waterfalls

kravica falls
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This is one of the most beautiful natural landmarks in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Located close to the border with Croatia and not far from Mostar, Kravica Waterfall is a popular attraction and a summer getaway for both tourists and locals. It’s worth spending an entire, sun-soaked day at this stunning spot along the Trebižat river, where a row of nearly two dozen falls dramatically plummet 25 metres off a limestone deposit down into deep emerald pools. The scene is absolutely spellbinding, as a thick canopy of moss, figs and poplars frame the spectacle which is best seen from one of the surrounding walking trails, taking a boat ride or even swimming right up to them.

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