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Best Hotels in Kodaikanal under Rs 5,000

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To roam in South India is a search for getting lost in the laps of greenery. And the state of Tamil Nadu has stretches of green waiting for you. In recent years, the town of Kodaikanal has become quite the popular getaway for long weekends and holidays. From boat rides in lakes, to splashing about in waterfalls, exploring caves and even going on safaris, there is so much to look forward to in Kodaikanal.

Best time to visit: All it can be visited throughout the year, October to March present the most favourable weather for this hilly holiday destination.

How to reach: You can first fly down to the Madurai Airport. This is at a distance of about 120kms from Kodaikanal, so, thereafter you will have to travel by road. For this you could book a private taxi or even get a shared taxi or local bus, just make sure to check their availability well in advance.

When you have finalized your destination but are in search of a kickass property under the budget of Rs.5,000, then we have you covered in this list below:

Kodai Resort Hotel

Approximate Cost: Rs.3,900

1)Kodai Resort Hotel
Source: https://www.booking.com/hotel/in/kodai-resprt.html

This one is an award-winning luxury resort waiting to welcome you upon your arrival in Kodaikanal. At a distance of roughly a kilometre from Coaker’s Walk and Bryant’s Park is this sprawling hotel with its green gardens. They have a series of luxury cottages surrounded by beds of roses. The rooms have plush beds with drooping canopies and utmost care is exercised to maintain their cleanliness. The hotel has bungalows for families and bigger groups travelling together. They also have a conference hall available for large-sized retreats. Additionally, the property’s Ayurvedic leg is also renowned for their specialty in treating strains and other injuries. In case you are looking for retreatment you can contact the property well in advance to make your bookings accordingly, surely its aim of preserving nature will help you through your recovery process.

Hill Country Green Pastures

Approximate Cost: Rs.4,000

2)Hill Country Green Pastures
Source: https://www.hillcountry.in/green-pastures-resort-kodaikanal/

Now when you read the above name for a hotel, what do you imagine it to be like? A place where you can glimpse at peaks looking outside your window? A place where there is a lot of greenery all around you? Check and check. This hotel has tastefully done interiors. Its stone walls give it a nice and rustic touch. The colonial era themed property takes you on a journey in its 23 years old existence. At the same time the property is equipped with modern amenities so as to cater to your needs. While their restaurant will have you relishing your meals, for the full holiday experience you can head to their spa to be relaxed further. And if you are in the mood for some fun they even have a games room equipped with video games, a table tennis table, billiards table and board games.

Le Poshe by Sparsa

Approximate Cost: Rs.3,900

3)Le Poshe by Sparsa
Source: http://leposhehotel.com/gallery.html

Le Poshe Hotel by the Sparsa Group has tastefully done rooms in the hilly town of Kodaikanal. They earn a lot of brownie points on account of the fact that their property aims to be eco-friendly and eco-sensitive. If you are headed to Kodaikanal in order to host a big-scale event then this hotel has a banquet hall too. The hotel has their own salon as well, if needed. Beyond that, they offer a space for your kids to keep busy, for you to exercise and stay fit at their fitness centre or even lay back and relax at their luxurious spa. The clean and well-maintained hotel will keep you comfortable during the course of your holiday.

Elephant Valley Eco Farm Hotel

Approximate Cost: Rs.4,900

4)Elephant Valley Eco Farm Hotel
Source: https://dunewellnessgroup.com/elephant-valley/eco-village-india/restaurant/

Now if the eco-friendly aspect pleases you, then this property will make you very happy. The property is at a distance of 20kms from Kodaikanal city but if you don’t mind the drive you can pick this one. The reason to do this because the hotel in itself offers such a strong holiday experience. It is located an area that was once used by elephants for migration as it is in close proximity to the national parks of Kerala. They pride themselves for sharing the land and water of the local people whilst promoting eco-friendly living. They have a farm area and a stretch where even coffee is grown. With just 20 bungalows, this property truly allows you to get away from big crowds and busy areas. Additionally, their restaurant uses their organically grown fresh vegetables in their meals, enhancing your time with nature spent over here.

Sterling Kodai Lake – Safest Resorts and Hotels

Approximate Cost: Rs.3,271

sterling kodai lake
Source: https://www.sterlingholidays.com/resorts-hotels/kodaikanal-lake

One of the key attractions to visit during your holiday in Kodaikanal is the lake. This particular hotel by Sterling has been built in order to place you in close proximity to the lake. So, pull away the curtains on your window to gaze at the jewel of Kodaikanal. This pretty and posh property caters to all sorts of requirements. You can even opt for their facilities and get a cycle to roam about. Or play badminton or enjoy a range of other activities offered here. In the evenings, they even arrange a bonfire allowing you to huddle up all warm and cosily around it. More than anything, enjoy their well-maintained gardens and other stretches where you can take those long leisurely walks that we all look forward to during our holidays.

So, if you are headed to the scenic town of Kodaikanal you can opt for one of these hotels as per your requirements and convenience for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Happy holidaying!

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