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Best Hill Drives With A Beach View In India

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Beaches or Mountains? It’s hard to choose but what if you can have both? Hitting the open road is a fine experience in itself. You not only get the freedom to stop at any scenic location of your choice, but also get to explore its uniqueness in a holistic way. However, given the diverse range of terrains in the country, it is natural that some routes will be significantly more interesting. The winding hilly roads with green forest cover on one side, and white sandy beaches with the bluest water on the other – I say let’s hit the road already. Here are few road trips where you can have the best of both worlds:


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The small town of Ganpatipule in Maharashtra is home to one of the most beautiful white sand beaches along the Konkan coastline. The sparkling blue water and the swaying palms make it an idyllic getaway for people who want to experience peace and tranquility.

The place is a paradise and the drive is a vacation in itself. The road that joins Ganpatipule to Ratnagiri offers you one of the most scenic drives in the country. The green hills flank on one side while the view of the waves crashing on the rocks at a distance adds to the scenery. Passing past your window you will witness many bridges, paddy fields and coconut palms plantations.

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Karwar, a city in the Uttara Kannada district, is not only an immediate neighbour to the feisty Goa but also a stunning tourist location by itself. Karwar is a seaside city situated on the west coast of the mighty Indian peninsula.

The journey from Karwar to Mangalore cruises through some of the most scenic coastal roads sandwiched between the sea on one side and the Western Ghats on the other. This is also a place where River Kali meets the Arabian Sea. The sight of fisherman taking to sea and roads lined with coconut trees will make your drive memorable.


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Nestled amidst the frothy blue waters of the Arabian Sea is an unadulterated island known for its gorgeous beaches, captivating caves and Portuguese style buildings. Diu is a Union territory located on the western coast of India. Like Goa, it was a Portuguese colony for many centuries. The pretty beaches of Diu are adjoined by empty roads traversing through cliffs beside the Arabian sea. A drive through these roads will fill you with awe because of the serenity and secludedness of the place.

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How can the list be completed without the mention of God’s own country? Kerala is one of the most beautiful states in India, and the road trips here are also quite famous. Sandy beaches, waving palms, backwaters, mountains and of course coconuts in abundance are synonymous with Kerala.

Varkala has beautiful cliffs overlooking the sea. However, you can only walk on the cliff and not drive. For a scenic drive, head towards Anchuthengu along the coastline. The scenic route will take you along many golden beaches adjacent to verdant rugged hills of the Western Ghats.

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If you are in the southwest coastal region of Indian mainland this is the drive that would leave you enthralled for sure. There is a beautiful beach road that adjoins the beaches of Vishakhapatnam to the hills beside them. The smooth four-laned roads ensure that you have a great experience driving while you are enjoying the views.


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The beach town of Gokarna is gaining popularity each year and has become a backpacker’s heaven. Unlike Goa, this small temple town is not too crowded which is a plus. Not only you can party on its pristine beaches but the Western Ghats in the background also provide an opportunity for trekking and other adventures.

Gokarna offers spectacular views of the sea from the cliffs on which you can drive. If you have a bike here, you can explore some of the most secluded and clean beaches in India.

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