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Best Cafes/Restaurants in Gangtok

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A key element of travelling is food too. There are those who are experimental and on the lookout of indulging in local cuisines, while there are also those who get worried about finding options for getting delicious and comfortable food in new places. Now if you’re headed to Sikkim you are quite likely to pass through Gangtok. So, we’re here to help you with the 5 best eateries for you to try out there:

The Local Café

For the travellers who are always in search of something new and need to immerse themselves in local broths, bakes and beyond in order for their trip to be complete, there’s the Local Café. As the name suggests you can expect to try everything Sikkimese over here. This café is a charming little gem with just 3-4 tables. They also sell locally produced soaps, teas, etc

Approximate price range – Rs.600 – 800

the local cafe
Source: http://www.pentwister.com/5-cafes-you-must-visit-in-gangtok-sikkim

Jungle Café

As for the ones who enjoy fine dining, or let’s say finer dining, then this restaurant inside Mayfair Resort is the one to go to in Gangtok. If your idea of relishing a meal is just as much about relishing the food plating style along with the ambience and décor, then head on over to the Jungle! Beyond the local delicacies, here you can get your North Indian, Chinese and even Mexican. Their deserts are pretty good too.

Approximate price range – Rs. 800 – 1,000


The Thakali people come from Nepal’s Thak-Khola Valley. The restaurant provides their traditional cuisine along with some dishes from the state too. Millet rice, barley, etc. are the key ingredients even as dal bhaat remains the soul food across India including here. For the good old restaurant dining focused on food and flavours, along with being pocket friendly, this is a good option.

Approximate price range – Rs. 800 – 1,000

Source: https://magicpin.in/Gangtok/Vishal-Gaon/Restaurant/Thakali/store/343a47/photos/?img=Store-Images&id=3

Osm Restaurant

Okay okay, first things first. No, the restaurant hasn’t misspelled the word “awesome”. It is actually pronounced “OSM” with each letter separately. Now that your Grammar Nazi soul can rest easy lets’ find it some soul food too! In the busily bustling Mall Road street you can find this restaurant that is sure to serve you some good food. For those looking for alcohol in a comfortable spot and not a thumping bar, this one will again meet your needs. It works both with friends and with family as the North Indian and Chinese cuisines both tastes rather awesome here. ?


If your heart screams for momos the moment you made a plan to visit Sikkim, then don’t worry, you shall get them here! Beyond the well-known momos, this restaurant offers a lot more in Sikkim cuisine along with Tibetan and Nepali cuisines. It is a choice for those who are comfortable with casual dining and basic yet cozy interiors as they dig into some delicious food.

Source: https://traveltriangle.com/blog/restaurants-in-gangtok/

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