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Best Cafes in Srinagar

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When you think about Kashmir and its food, it is mostly Kehwa and the delicious Wazwan. You don’t think of cafe hopping in Srinagar. But what if I say that there is a wide range of places that offer beautiful ambience and a cozy vibe to hang out with your buddies. Here are some of the best cafes you must visit while in Srinagar.

Winterfell Cafe

Source: https://khyenchyen.net/2018/11/23/winterfell-cafe-hosts-top-food-bloggers-meet-beverage-tasting-event/

Kashmir in winters will definitely remind you of the “North” from GOT. Maybe that’s why it got one of the first GOT themed cafes in India. Located at the magnificent boulevard road next to Dal lake, a replica of iron throne will catch your attention the moment you enter. There are many portraits and quotes adorning the wall and a small library of GOT books and other classics to keep the trendy bookworm happy. The food here is amazing. You can order any dish and you won’t be disappointed. Try the garlic bread, chicken burger and a tall glass of Oreo milkshake.

Books & Bricks Cafe

Source: http://www.wanderbug.in/travel-stories/kashmir-discovering-paradise

The theme of the cafe is as the name suggests “Books & Bricks”. The floor and half of the walls are covered with bricks and the other half is covered with the pages of books. The ambience provided by the place in itself creates an illusion of books and can keep one busy for the time till the delicious food is right on your table. Their pastas and burgers are especially wonderful. You can spend many hours chilling here.

Chai Jaai

Source: https://www.cntraveller.in/story/whats-new-in-srinagar/#s-custchai-jaai

The cafe has recently been quite famous on social media. Chai Jaai is among the most beautiful cafes of Srinagar with beautiful interiors and a very exclusive art gallery. The cafe is half British and half Kashmiri themed base. The art, food and music depicts the rich Kashmiri culture and the Black & white Doors, windows and furniture gives a classic british look. The cafe is just located on the bank of Jehlum river making it look even more beautiful at night. The Time stands still when you gaze down the window while having Kehwa and listing to the melodious Kashmiri Music.

Hukus Bukus

Source: IG handle @hukusbukus

Hukusukus is derived from a kashmiri Riddle which means “Who is he and Who am I”. The cafe is located in the small streets of Rajbagh area and has a very beautiful back yard too which can be used for small events like a musical evening. The cafe is located in the small streets of Rajbagh area and has a very beautiful Back yard which can be used for small events like a musical evening. This garden café has a wide variety of food to offer. You can enjoy different Tandoori delicacies, mohitos, coffee depending on when you visit.

Gulshan Coffee Shop

Source: IG handle @lifeoutside2by2

Straight out of a painting, this café seems surreal. An extension of a book shop, Gulshan Coffee Shop offers coffee with a view like no other in Srinagar. The coffee shop is located right in the middle of Dal lake and you can reach here on a beautiful shikara ride. The fusion of books with the aroma of coffee dazzles and mesmerizes your soul. This place hoards a wide selection of English-language books including plenty on Kashmiri history and politics. If you’re in Kashmir, a place of historic essence, you can pick a book from history and enjoy a sip of tea with a magnificent view of snow-capped mountain peaks.


Source: IG handle @mujtabaali999

Located adjacent to the Chai Jaai cafe along the banks of the Jhelum river is Goodfellas. Housed in a historic building, this place offers you a perfect amalgamation of art, culture and exquisite food. The outdoor seating is perfect in winters, with a view of the garden overlooking the river. Try the Kashmiri special “Nun Chai” (salt tea) and freshly baked pastries while listening to soulful tracks from young Kashmiri artists. It will be an evening well spent.

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