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Best Cafes in Shimla

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Sprawling Victorian architecture, layers of snow and lanes overlooking peaks, all made Shimla the most favourite holiday retreat in India once upon a time. The colourful and busy Mall Road, horse riding and tiny mountainous trails continue to lend the destination its popularity and footfall with many tourists. And just what would travelling be without some good food and cute cafes to add to our memories? If you’re visiting the hill station, then here are some café recommendations for you:

Wake and Bake

Must try dishes: Hazelnut latte, Organic blend coffee, Crepes, Banana & Nutella Waffles, Humus & Pita

Approximate Cost: ₹800 – 1,000

wake and bake cafe shimla
Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/673288213028341276/

The girl in the yellow boots, the girl in the yellow dress, the yellow umbrella, etc., all make one wonder why the colour yellow has left such a popular impression upon pop culture, no? I guess its vibrancy and sunshine aura, one you’ll find even in the ever so busy Mall Road as you spot a tiny café by the name of Wake and Bake. The café welcomes you to its yellow walls and windows with lamps hanging low. You will find some sitting here with their books as they read, some scribbling away on laptops, some laughing with friends and some days even a musician singing away and playing the guitar. The menu offers all that you typically expect out of your fast food joints, the small plates, desserts and beverages adding to the charm of this café.

Himachali Rasoi

Must try dishes: Sidu (stuffed buns), Kangri Dham Thali, Patande (Himachali style crepes with jaggery)

Approximate Cost: ₹500 – 700

Yes yes, I know that Himachali Rasoi doesn’t quite qualify as a “cafe”. And yet it finds mention in this article. Why? Well, because of the fact that a trip to any destination would be incomplete without actually trying the local cuisine. You needn’t eat it for every meal but you certainly owe one authentic meal to yourself after travelling so far. And that’s where Himachali Rasoi, tucked away in a small corner in a teeny-weeny space comes in. With the most basic of interiors, the rasoi simply offers you their Himachali best. The thali is a heavy affair and to enjoyed with ease, just as one should enjoy life in the mountains. So, pick out a lazy afternoon or evening and spend time slowly enjoying the food on your plate upon your palate.


Must try dishes: Dosas, specially the paneer dosa for paneer lovers! Fried rice, noodles.

Approximate Cost: ₹300 – 400

If you have ever been to Shimla, you are sure to have seen this landmark restaurant. The decades old establishment sits in the centre of the Mall Road and is distinctly visible on account of its gazebo shaped structure. Step inside to find long windows running from the top of the ceiling to the bottom of the floor, allowing you to bite into your food as you gaze at the outside world passing away. Added brownie points for this one as it is rather pocket friendly for its pretty ambience. You can find Chinese, Indian and an array of snacking options on their menu.

Source: https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/archive/himachal/-ashiana-goofa-to-remain-with-hptdc-sc-565253

Honey Hut

Must try dishes: Walnut Chocolate Pie, Apple pie, Coffee, Honey Fruit Salad, Honey Chilli Mushroom

Approximate Cost: ₹500-600

When you enter this cute little café the first thing you will notice is their adorable honeybee theme that they have going on. Take a deep breath to get a whiff of the sweet fragrance and know that its time for your sweet tooth to be indulged! The café is on a mission to publicize the health benefits of honey. You will find a number of popular finger food and dessert options on their menu but the interesting aspect is the use of honey in each of the dishes. Sugar is completely alternated with honey over here. So, order a hot beverage and a decadent dessert to sweeten up your Shimla visit, honey. ?

Café Simla Times

Must try dishes: Tomato Olive Toasties, Smoked Chicken Pizza, Tiramisu

Approximate Cost: ₹1,500-1,600

Now if you had been waiting for the chance to get some Instagram stories from a cute café in Shimla, then look no further. Café Simla Times arguably has some of the best ambience and décor you’ll find in this town. With a vintage car on the outside and rustic interiors, both seating options are available. The menu proudly presents a range of continental dishes for you to relish including the cuisines of Italian, Mexican, Lebanese, Thai, Chinese and North Indian. You can enjoy it all by sitting at a terrace spot overlooking some picturesque views of this mountain top destination. On selective days of the week, they even have a live band performing here, enhancing your whole experience.

cafe simla times
Source: https://www.willowbanks.com/cafe-simla.php

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