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Best cafes in Dimapur

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Different parts of India not only allow us to explore varied beauty but also a wide range of cultures which of course bear an impression upon the cuisine too. When in Nagaland, make surge to gorge away on the local food as it is simply delicious.

Ili Ah Restaurant

Good food, good ambience and good views, what more could a restaurant possibly offer?! Nestled in some pretty interiors and with a scenic view, the restaurant is ideal for all, whether you’re headed for a family gathering, a fun time with friends or even a date. They serve multiple cuisines including Indian, oriental and Pan-Asian. Their pork sizzlers are the front runner of all picks! The Sumi word “ili ah” signifies resting place which is what the establishment provides the customers.

ili ah restaurant
Source: https://rootsandleisure.com/top-five-cafes-and-restaurants-in-dimapur/

Ruby Café

Because every now and then, all we want is something to snack on and something sweet to treat our tongue! Ruby’s Café in ensures you get to do just that. With snacks and baked goods up for grabs you can munch away happily in this cosily set up place. A laidback atmosphere is simply what one wants as they sip on a hut cup of coffee with a delicious desert to dip into. As for the ones who can’t get enough of junk, even while travelling your cheesy burgers and fries await here!


You can’t go to the North East and not eat bamboo in some form or the other, it is after all the favourite ingredient in this region. In Nagaland, bamboo makes an appearance in all forms, as a tool for stuffing and cooking fish or even as a fermented vegetable. Dimapur’s Bamboo Resource Centre is aimed at conserving bamboo and the restaurant named Bambua has been built with eco-friendly architecture. It gets better because they serve some scrumptious pork momos and egg chops too.

bambusa cafe
Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Restaurant_Review-g1162206-d8374583-Reviews-Bambusa

Tibetan Canteen

Sometimes all we need is a good old canteen. Beyond the fancy restaurants and experiences (which are great in their own way), sometimes all we want is a basic laidback vibe to eat and happily converse with some friends. This is a years old place and a favourite amongst locals too, so, you know the food is authentic and it has the added brownie point of being rather pocket friendly as well.

Nagaland Coffee Shop

To the ones who need a strong cup of coffee to wake themselves up, this shop is nothing short of a delight. And no, I’m not just talking about the milky frothy ones we drink on but a fairly good number of options for an Indian hill station! Along with a well brewed coffee you can bite into hamburgers and other munchies to make the most of your visit. They pride themselves for artisanal coffee grown from organic materials locally. A good brew and a good memory too!

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