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Best Cafes in Barcelona

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Cafes in Barcelona

With a history spanning over a period of 2,500 years reflected in sprawling architecture, cuisine and lots more, is just the tip of the iceberg for the beauty in the city of Barcelona.

How to reach: You can fly down to Barcelona with layovers in Moscow, Istanbul or even Abu Dhabi.

Best time to visit: May to June, however, that’s subjective to the places that you’re looking to cover.

To make your trip even better, you have got to indulge in the local cuisine and gorge on some gooood food and we have suggestions for where to do that!

Café De L’Opera

The boulevard at La Rambla is an unmissable one. Its bursting with a rush of tourists all looking to be smitten by that Barcelona air. But amongst all things touristy a true delight is the L’Opera Café. It’s a historic café that has been around since the 18th century! From a chocolatery, a tavern to its present-day status, it has undergone many makeovers but it has always continued to offer a rustic ambience. This makes their delicious deserts, sandwiches and drinks menu make them popular even with the locals. Must try items include their hot chocolate and churros!

Café De L’Opera
Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Caf%C3%A8_de_l%27Opera,_Barcelona_1.jpg


Dostrece is a restaurant that you can visit for your cravings at any hour. While in the morning times it is flooded with broad daylight, come evening it transforms into a hip and happening lively bar. Artistically done walls invite you to an aroma of European and Italian cuisines. Their pizzas and barbecued goodies are the ones you really ought to try. And on days with good weather, you can make way to go lounge on their terrace. So, be it that morning breakfast for a good day’s commencement or your laidback evening of sipping on some drinks, munching some food and taking in the vibrant nightlife, Dostrece has you taken care of at both times.

Source: https://www.s7.ru/en/travelguides/spain/barcelona/places/dostrece/


If good food is purely what you’re after, then Caravelle is sure to please you. Sometimes all you want is good hearty meal and that’s on the menu of this laidback café. Its tastefully done interiors invite you to witness the whiff of fresh warm food being prepared. They even cater to the health freaks with the likes of chia puddings, bircher bowls, etc. And for the ones who don’t care much for the calories as long as the food is mouth-watering (I mean, me and folks like myself!) there’s their tacos, pork ribs and their much loved big-bite burgers. For the ones who are somewhat experimental, their specials menu gives plenty of chances to try something different.

Source: https://www.barcelonafoodexperience.com/blog/caravelle

Casa Do Acai Brunch and Coffee

So, you had a crazy late night and your tummy is growling with hunger in the morning or you have a whole day of sightseeing and exploring planned but you need a filling meal to get you started, don’t worry cause this café has you sorted! This is the perfect brunch place in Barcelona. Eggs benedict, salads, acai bowls and of course, pancakes, how’s that to start your day? Topped with the fragrance of some freshly brewed coffee. Don’t be disappointed tea lovers, they have a whole range of options for you as well, from the likes of vanilla to Oolong tea. You’ve heard of breakfast for champions, time to dig into having one! This one is also quite the popular Instagram friendly café thanks to its colourful persona. Me, personally, looking at their racks of books and their tropical sunny interiors reckon I’d spend a lazy morning there just eating with ease and reading a good book.

4)Casa Do Acai Brunch and Coffee
Source: https://www.barcelonafoodexperience.com/blog/casa-do-acai

Los Toreros

When in Barcelona how can you not dig into some tapas?! Tapas are small bites or appetizers typical of the Spanish cuisine complete with sautéed vegetables, chunks of meat or vegetarian alternatives and spicy sauces and dressings. Tapas goes beyond food to actually experiencing a part of the Spanish culture itself. Regarded as one of the best places to try it for yourself during your Barcelona trip is the Toreros and Granja Café. It is one of the oldest cafes in the area. In the 1960s themed set up, you can try a wide range of flavoured tapas. There are themed ones too such as rabo de toro or bull’s tail! Ermm, well, only if you’re feeling adventurous or you can stick with the classic ones. ?

Los Toreros
Source: https://theculturetrip.com/europe/spain/articles/the-10-best-restaurants-in-el-raval-barcelona-s-cultural-hub/

 El Quim De La Boqueria

In 1987, this little eatery started off with just a few stools in a busy food market. From then to now its robust set of flavours and ingredients have gained it a lot of popularity and footfall, making it a household name. Mushrooms, hams, bacon, squid, prawns, foie grass, etc. whichever toppings you are looking for, they are most likely to have it. Their Spanish and Catalan dishes are made from fresh handpicked farm produce. In addition to the popular picks, they have some innovative options as well. Grab a stool, grab a bite and a quick yet scrumptious meal at anytime of the day. This one will leave you pleased with its food, its cosy little charm and its sense of individuality.

El Quim De La Boqueria
Source: https://goop.com/place/spain/barcelona/las-ramblas-specialty/el-quim-de-la-boqueria/

Can Canete

If you’re celebrating a special occasion or well, just looking for having a special night for yourself in Barcelona, then head to Canete! Known as a fine-dining establishment, you can try some Spanish delicacies against their red leather seating and soft lighting. Their must try dishes are the gazpacho, the fried fish, Palamos prawns, truffle steak, etc. Their drinks menu also offers a wide selection of fine wines and tropical cocktails. The grilled vegetables and portions are rather appetizing and quite a knockout, so, go prepared with a biggg appetite! Enjoy the attention to detail bestowed upon the dishes prepared by the culinary experts of this restaurant and treat yourself to a simply delicious night, the kinds you know you would not forget anytime soon.

can cenete
Source: https://theculturetrip.com/europe/spain/articles/restaurant-of-the-week-bar-canete-in-the-raval

Happy hogging!

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