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Barren Island in Andamans

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Barren Island is not barren in terms of the vegetation but due to the lack of civilization on this piece of land. It is one of the few places in India where visitors are not allowed.

Barren Island is an active volcano situated in The Andaman Sea. This is the only active volcano in the entire South Asia region. The first recorded eruption of the volcano dates back to 1787. And it has been erupted more than ten times since then. The most recent eruption was in 2017 when the sky was covered with fumes initially and later hot lava melted away into the sea.

barren island
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The island is situated at around 135 km from Port Blair. It measures 3 km in width and has a large 2 km crater of the volcano that rises around half km away from the sea shore. With its dark-gray cinder walls, this caldera sits on the northern side of the island. The eastern and southern sides of the island are mostly green filled with trees and shrubs. In 2017, some stranded groups of goats were also recorded on the island. It is believed that in 1891, a steamer from Port Blair left them here. Apparently, the British would leave livestock on certain islands where they feared they might be stranded in future. Well, they never got stranded here but the goats managed to survive and a small family still lives on the island.

active volcano is barren island
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Barren Island has become quite popular in past few years and many people want to see this place which is still untouched by humanity. Now, you cannot set foot on this island due to security reasons but there are ways to get a look. There are two options.

  1. You can board a seaplane and take off to enjoy the aerial view of this majestic island. And even though you won’t be able to land here, it will be a thrilling experience to see the only active volcano in the country. Ash fumes rising from the island with water as far as you can see, it does sound perfect!
how to reach barren island
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  1. The second option is to go on a diving trip near the island. This is what I’d prefer because even though the views will be perfect from above, we should literally taste the waters around this mystical island. The sea around the barren island is one of the best scuba diving destinations in the world. Unlike the lighter sand that is prevalent at all the dive sites around India, the bedrock of Barren Island is black. The black canvas forms the perfect backdrop for the corals which appear much brighter in colour in these untouched waters.

You will be swimming with dozens of manta rays, tunas, sea snakes, barracudas, turtles and oceanic sharks. It is a paradise for anyone who craves for exploring the underwater world.  The thrilling quotient will be doubled as you will be one of the few people who get to explore around this uninhabited land.

diving near barren island
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