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Bali Pass Trek

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bsli pass trek
Source: IG handle @balipasstrek.in

Maximum Altitude: 16207 ft

Duration: 9 days

Difficulty: Difficult

All these high Himalayan mountains have some legends and myths attached to them. And once you are trekking, the mystical aura here wants to make your heart believe that these stories might have some truth too. We know the story of Mahabharata, one of the greatest epics of all time. After winning the war against Kauravas, the five Pandavas along with Draupadi left for the Himalayas from where they attempted to ascend to heaven. It is believed that none of the brothers or Draupadi made it till the end except Yudhishthira who is recalled as the Dharmraj. He attained heaven without leaving his physical body from the peak. Thus the mountain was named “Swargrohini” meaning the direct way to heaven. As farfetched this story sounds, some take that in a literal way, while some associate ‘heaven’ to the views you get from the top. Not all of us have the special mountaineering skills to climb to this heaven but you can still get to Bali pass from where you have a 360-degree view of Swargarohini along with Banderpooch and other Garhwal peaks. And just like the Pandavas, chances are that you would be accompanied by an adorable dog along the way.

treks in uttarakhand
Source: IG handle @balipasstrek.in

Bali Pass is not a very popular trek but it is extremely beautiful. It is one of the less travelled paths which make the trek a little more exciting. Bali pass connects Har Ki Dun and Ruinsara valley to Yamunotri valley. The trek starts from Sankri village in Uttarakhand and goes through the ancient villages of Osla and Ghangad. These villages give an insight into the unique Himalayan lifestyle. Visit the old temples of Osla and experience the pahadi culture.

Source: IG handle @balipasstrek.in

You will walk along the gurgling Supin River before reaching the alpine meadow of Debshu Bugyal. The undulating meadows surround the unique Ruinsara Tal. Imagine a vast green meadow on one side, the forest of Ruinsara on the other side with surpassing views of Mt. Kala Nag and Swargarohini, and a pretty lake in the middle reflecting everything around it with a filter of magnificence. This is the perfect Kodak moment.

Source: IG handle @uttarakhandtraveller

Last stretch to the pass is quite steep and can be pretty tiring. The trail ahead of Odari produces the challenge of walking on moraine ridge and boulder, and finally on the glacier to the snow bound Bali pass. Towards the end of the trek, you’ll see the source of the Yamunotri River and can also pay a visit to the revered Yamunotri Devi temple.  From the pass you will have magnificent views of Swargarohini group of peaks, Bandarpunch, Kalanag (Black peak) and the host of peaks to the east of Gangotri valleys.

In this trek one can enjoy and come across hilly-terrain, rough boulders, dense forests with greenery everywhere, smooth silky lush green meadows, snow-clad glaciers and ice-frozen trekking path. This is an exhilarating trail for the adventure seeking hearts.

Best Time to Visit

Best time to travel to Bali Pass Trek is in summers (May – June) and post monsoon (September – October). Summer welcomes you with pleasant weather and a lot of greenery. From September fall colours appear, trees and grasses turn in to yellow, orange and brown.  You will get more frosty snow and ice during May/June.

How to Reach

Sankri is around a 7 hour drive from Dehradun.

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