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Arunachal’s Mystical and ‘Perfect’ Trek: Siang Valley Trek

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Maximum Altitude: 12.600 ft

Duration:  8 days

Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

Trekking in the north-east has got a unique appeal of its own with its dense forests, beautiful rivers and some of the most picturesque settings of nature. An occasional brush with the tribal life in these areas is quite an experience too. The best way to explore all the hidden beauty of the North-eastern states is by skipping all the regular touristy things everyone usually does and going on treks into the wilderness that lies within these places. Arunanchal Pradesh also known as the “Land of Dawn-Lit Mountains” has some of the most beautiful and not so popular trails and today we will be talking about Siang valley.

A trek through the incredibly beautiful Siang valley of Arunachal Pradesh amidst Himalayas, rivers, lakes and valleys and many stunning landscapes will be an experience that you will absolutely love. The Siang Valley trek is very exciting and adventurous as it spans over most of the thrilling Arunanchal locales like Adi tribal zone and the related other interesting regions here. The trek starts from Dibrugarh and you will cross many beautiful places such as the Yembung, Milang, Sessen before it ends at the Siang valley.

siang valley
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The river Yarlung Tsang Po has its source at the top of the Mount Kailash and flows down around 1000 miles till it reaches the plateau of Tibet. After this it flows hrough the namcha barwa and Gyala Peri and reaches the Tsangpo gorge. Here it tumbles into the jungle regions of the intriguing Adi tribal region in Arunanchal Pradesh. Here the Tsang Po becomes the Siang River and creates the Siang valley.

The Siang Gorge is one of the least explored gorges on earth. That makes this place a green zone and a beautiful rainforest. The reason why it’s still so unexplored is that it cannot be approached on foot and you need to travel on a boat to reach here. You will be welcomed by its innumerable sandy beaches, and the jungle filled with amazing wildlife. For the adrenaline junkies, Siang offers the perfect place for white water rafting expeditions. Rapids range from Grade I to IV and rapids like Begging Rollercoaster and Pulsating Palsi come with enormous waves several feet high. Another place for the brave hearted is the Hanging Bamboo Bridge. This traditional narrow bridge made of bamboos and ropes sways madly hundreds of feet across the Siang River. It is also the perfect trail to engage in activities like fishing and angling


Day 1: Dibrugarh-Sessan

The Siang Valley trek normally begins at Dibrugarh in Assam. From here, you can proceed to Yembung and take a ferry ride to Sessen. The seven hour ferry ride might tire you and therefore the camps at Sessen will be a welcoming change.

Day 2: Sessan-Panging

Hike to the Panging Village that is connected to the mainland only through a hanging bridge running over the River Yamne. The region is filled with greenery and is a nice place and to look for exotic birds in the woods.

Source: https://thenortheasttravelblog.com/

Day 3: Panging-Mariyang

Drive down to Mariyang on a jeep. This is a 30 km drive and the route is really pretty. On reaching the village, you would be struck by the magnificence of the surroundings and the lovely green canopy. The best part is that you will get to camp here. Let’s explore the area, shall we?

Day 4: Mariyang – Milang

Take the jeep safari to explore picturesque valley and drive to Milang.

Day 5: Milang – Mariyang

The route will take you back to Mariyang. The best part about this region is that you will not see a lot of people and therefore you are with your thoughts. Travelling through one of the least visited place in the country and seeing the nature in such a raw state, it might sometimes seem unbelievable.

Day 6: Mariyang – Adi Pasi

Today you will travel to meet the indigenous Adi people or the hill people. When you travel it’s not just to see new places, but to understand the culture and traditions of the society there. Adi tribe is famous for their artistry and proficiency in weaving. These people also construct the best bridges in the state. Have conversations about their lifestyle, their hardships and their culture.

adi pasi
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Day 7: Adi Pasi  –  Pasighat

Nestled along the shores of beautiful Siong River, Pasighat is your destination. Pasighat sits as the ‘Gateway to Arunachal Pradesh’ and calls for uncountable nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts every year from across the nation. The little hamlet’s virgin scenery and a tranquil setup, still unscathed from the hands of commercial tourism, truly makes it an idyllic destination.

pasi ghat
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Day 8: Pasighat – Dibrugarh

After spending some of the best days in Siang valley, it’s time to leave or should I say time for another adventure!

Best Time To Visit

The months from October till April is when you should visit the Siang valley.

How To Reach

Dibrugarh is the starting point for this trek and it is well connected with most of its neighbouring cities and towns by air, rail and road.

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