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Abha Nirula

Abha used to follow Nero’s travel blogs even before he started the brand. Considering she read every story and adventure that he chronicled online, it was therefore a huge surprise that the first time she finally travelled with This Guy was seven years later in September 2019.

Her warm nature made all the trippers like her, and it was a very enjoyable trip.

Within a few months, Nero asked her to lead a trip for the brand. Abha had all the values a trip leader in OHOT should have – she is selfless, decent, loyal, happy, loves dogs and nature, and she goes out of her way to make people feel special.

In Nero’s words, “There is something rare about Abha. Misfortunes don’t hit her, she absorbs it. How? There is this indefatigable happy energy about her. Nothing flashy, nothing over the top, just happy. No gossip, no malice, and a heart that doesn’t differentiate, that speaks to everyone, listens to everyone.”

It took seven years for Abha to come on her first trip. It took the brand less than seven months to offer her the position of a trip leader.

As expected, her first trip was a huge success. She returned to lead Rishikesh and the trippers had a wonderful time. Then, she lead Kashmir and got so many rave reviews, that we are wondering how she is raising the bar with every trip she leads.

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