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A Girl With Dreams: How Harmeen Soch Travelled In Pakistan

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I read this story by a certain Harmeen Soch about her recent solo trip to Pakistan, and the thoughts, the apprehensions, the discouragement, the one man support she got when she undertook this journey to the beautiful country. It’s an inspiring tale of a father and her daughter, and I feel everyone should read this:
Pak Diaries 2020
A Girl with Dreams!
Not a single person encouraged me to visit Pakistan! On the contrary everyone discouraged me citing dire consequences of my visit. I was scared as hell yet wanted to go. I would leave my desire to see the mountains that side but after a while that burning desire would raise its head again making me uncomfortable and irritating. Two years passed by just thinking and wanting. I would decide in the morning that I wouldn’t look that side and stop thinking of mountains beyond borders and end the day by praying to God to make it happen in some way. The wanderlust wasn’t satisfied. I just had to go.
The only person on this earth who said to me that I should visit Pakistan and it shall be an experience of a lifetime is the same person who said to me after graduation that I should do PG and after PG that I should do PhD and after that asked me to work outside my comfort zone at a place I did not like just because he said I would learn a lot. He is the same person who made me travel to different countries in search of knowledge and exposure. And once I was established in my career, he is the same person who let me visit off-beat Kashmir and now the off-beat Himalayas in Pakistan.
I could see his leg shaking in stress the day I was to leave although his face had a huge smile. I asked him whether he was feeling agitated to which he replied with a big No! Knowing my father, I knew he was scared to send me to unknown territories but knowing me, he knew I would try and stay safe no matter where I travelled to in life. He bid me farewell with, “Guru ang sang sahai hove” which means ‘God be with you!’. He is the wind beneath my wings and I am what I am today because of him. A girl’s dreams can only be fuelled by her father!
To him and all those fathers who let their daughters dream big and help them achieve those dreams!!
Jan 11, 2020
Karore Jungle, District Kotli Satian, 4500ft, Lower Galiyat Mountain Range, Pakistan
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