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7 Beaches You Must Not Miss During Your Turkey Trip!

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Exotic bazaars, colourful drapes, majestic architecture and elaborate cultural prowess, there’s so much that Turkey is known for. Increasingly, it has come to be known for its hot air balloon festivals and natural landscapes as well. Speaking of natural beauty, Turkey also has some gorgeously blue sparkling beaches in its treasure chest! Thus, today, we are having a look at the best beaches to visit when you are in Turkey!

How to reach: Turkey is reachable with a direct flight from the major metropolitan cities of India.

Best time to visit: March, May and October


Source: Source: https://www.purevacations.com/5-best-resorts-in-turkey/

Looking at images of some of these beaches, I start to wish that I had magical powers. Okay okay, we all want magical powers for a number of things but the thought of just snapping away to any place I wish to, specially such deliciously blue ones! Meet Turkey’s Oludeniz beach which has some of the country’s best resorts thanks to being such an eye pleaser. Beyond laying around the beach’s white sands you can even indulge in activities such as paragliding and lots more! A lagoon with mountainous boundaries and crystal-clear waters, this one is absolutely pure delight for all visitors.

Patara Beach

patara beach
Source: https://www.thomascook.com/holidays/turkey/dalaman/olu-deniz/things-to-do/patara-beach/

Meet the longest beach of Turkey stretching out over 18kms approximately! What is a visit to the beach without catching the sunset, without seeing the Sun dip away into the waves along with you and I? Patara beach offers some of the best sunsets to gaze at in Turkey thanks to the golden skies it unfurls. The beach is also a relatively lesser crowded one allowing you to enjoy your time in peaceful joy. With its wild scenery the beach also has the wilderness here to please you. Head to the waters to try and spot the lesser seen loggerhead turtles and other aquatic creatures swimming away in the waters!


Source: http://www.turkishclass.com/picture_3499?gid=93

Meet a beach sitting prettily at the foot of a massive ravine! The Kaputas beach has rocky outcroppings adding to its scenery like view. Laying between the towns of Kas and Kalkan is this blue wonder. In order to reach the beach, one has to step down 187 steps to reach this dreamy spot. Although some say that you need not make your way down if you do not wish to take the physical effort of climbing down stairs. But I think that’s a trick because one glance at these golden-brown sands and turquoise waters, I am pretty sure the energy will kick in automatically!

Izutuzu Beach

izutuzu beach
Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/europe/

At the edge of pine forests is a line of a beach along a river delta. Not only is the beach deeply beautiful but it is also home to turtles. Even as you go about enjoying your day at the beach, you will find carefully marked areas here which tell you about areas where turtles lay their eggs so that you do not disturb or disrupt them. Simply go about your beach day, taking long leisurely walks and swimming in the waters. The protected status of the beach adds to its charm on account of ensuring that it remains well-maintained.


Source: https://voyageturkey.net/olympos-beach-of-antalya/

A visit to this beach holds the treat of making your way here through the ancient city of Olympos which now serves as a port. Located within the Antalya district which is known for its beautiful beaches, this one in particular is reached through a local village called Yazir. The beauty of the beach, thus, gets magnified with the presence of the people and their influence over here. As you lay into the soft sands here, you can sip away or relish some local treats to add to your overall experience of a visit intended over here.


Source: https://tickettoadventures.wordpress.com/2018/04/29/turkey-alacati-photo-essay/

Within its waves the Cesme peninsula holds home for the town of Alacati. The town is a popular attraction not just for the beach but for the whole town overall. With its cobblestone streets, pebbled pathways and colourful streets will leave you smiling throughout your time here. You will find streets blessed with local artwork which add a layer to this place. Though the beach is certainly a cherry on top of the cake! So, rush into the waves, laze away in the waters and plonk yourself upon its hammocks and other cosy spots. Beach day sounds good!

Butterfly Valley

butterfly valley
Source: https://travelatelier.com/blog/butterfly-valley-fethiye/

Butterfly beach seems to be a common name for beaches across the world! And, no, it isn’t simply to metaphorically compare the beauty of a butterfly to the beauty of a beach. In Turkey’s Fethiye region specifically this beach has earned itself this name on account of the study of naturalists here which has so far found 35 species of butterflies! Actually, the beach is also home to 40 species of moths but heh I don’t hear anyone calling it Moth Beach. Added to this, the winds here make it an ideal pick amongst surfers for them to participate in their favourite beach sport. Meanwhile, others can simply enjoy the stunning sights offered by snorkelling.

To beach or not to be beach? ? Hah, let’s dive right in!

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