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5 Must Try Dishes In Thailand

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Known for its deliciously blue waters and its insatiable and insane night life, Thailand really does have so much to offer and that includes food too. So, sharing with you the top 5 must try dishes in Thailand.

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1. Pad Thai

You just knew this one is coming, didn’t you?

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Stir fried noodles with beans, sprouts, tofu and either chicken or shrimp. This lip-smacking dish is a blend of sweet and sour flavours. My favourite ingredient has to be the ground peanuts which add a little crunchy texture to it.
After having eaten pad thai almost a gazillion times, it was only recently that a local friend at a café I frequently visit in Phi Phi suggested that I add a little lemon on top. And voila! You cannot go to Thailand and skip on pad thai, it’s simply a given.

2. Mango Sticky Rice

Thailand really is blessed with some of the best tropical fruits. Coconuts, mangoes, passion fruits, kiwis, guavas, etc. – all bright and colourful juicy fruits will delight your taste buds. Mango Sticky Rice or Khao Niew Mamuang as it is called in the local language, is a dish championed around mangoes. Sticky rice dipped in condensed milk with freshly cut mangoes, make this a much favourite dessert.

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3. Massaman curry

Thai food essentially involves a lot of curries – Yellow, Green, Panang, Tom Kha Kai, etc. But my favourite is undoubtedly Massaman curry. During each of my trips to Thailand I’ve made people try this one and so far, it has always been a success, so, go for it! Just so you know what you’re getting into Massaman is a coconut milk-based curry with strong flavours of dried chillies, tamarind sauce and cardamom amongst other things. If you find Thai food somewhat bland and need a little break, then this is the one that I’d recommend. It is a sweet and spicy combination that tickles your tongue in all the right ways.

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4. Crying Tiger Salad

I’m sure the name has got you intrigued so let me tell you right away why it is named so. The salad is proudly proclaimed to be accompanied by a dressing that could leave even a tiger crying. For real! While I’m a true North Indian and can have my fair share of spices, this one did show a slight pinch in my eyes. So, who’s game to try this?! You’ll be trying a marinated steak-based salad with mint leaves, salad greens and chopped herbs as its distinctive flavours. Not to forget the infamous dressing which is an amalgamation of fish sauce, soy sauce, garlic, lime juice, and chilis. Let’s get those eyes popping!

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5. Coconut ice cream

I did mention how great the fruits are in Thailand, right? Did I mention the best one or the most loved and graciously used one is coconut? Be it savoury dishes or desserts, this flavour will find you when you’re in Thailand. And if you’re on an island living the blessed beach life, the Sun softly beating on your face, the waves inviting you in as you lay in the sand, well, then a tropical ice cream is all that’s missing from taking that vision to perfection. Perfection comes in the form of coconut ice cream which is popular in the island of Thailand. Served inside a coconut itself simply adds to its charm. So, indulge that sweet tooth!

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