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5 Best Cafe and Restaurants to try out in Colombo

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Barefoot Garden Cafe: Barefoot is a famous Sri Lankan brand which manufactures clothes, handicrafts, soft toys and home decor. It has many stores all over the country.
There is one particular store in Colombo which also has an in-house cafe. Set in the middle of a small garden, the cafe has a rustic charm, which makes you forget that you are in the middle of a city. You can try Sri Lankan curries on your visit here and if you are not that hungry, you can always grab a sandwich or a quiche(very popular). The menu is wide and has something for everyone.
If you love music, they also have live jazz every Sunday lunch time. This is a place to chill and unwind while sipping on hot Ceylon tea or drinking a glass wine.
good food in srilanka
Ministry of Crab: The restaurant needs no introduction. Ministry of crab has been listed as one of “Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants” for 5 consecutive years.
As the name suggests, it boasts of serving the best crabs in the country. You can choose  from a half kg small crab to a 2 kg  crabzilla. And if you are not a fan of crabs, the menu includes prawns, a variety of fish, oysters and clams. Their Garlic Chilli crab is our favourite. Order kade bread to go with it. Yummilicious!!
The restaurant is located in the old Colombo Dutch Hospital, a 400 year old building which is now restored and turned into a shopping precinct and is one of the most happening places in the city.
Any cricket fans here? The moment you enter the restaurant, you will see a picture of two familiar faces smiling at you. Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardena are partners in this venture and if you are extremely lucky, you might spot them eating a delicious crab here. How cool that would be!
good food in colombo  ministry of crabs
Upali’s by Nawaloka: If you are craving for authentic Sri Lankan food, Upali’s is the answer.  You  know the food would be great when even the locals vouch for it.
The service is pretty good and the food will arrive on your table in a very short time even during the busy lunch hours.
The food here is simple and flavourful. This is a place where you can find your comfort food and eat to your heart’s content. Try the famous hoppers and Kottu here.
top 5 restaurants in sri lanka
Chutneys: This restaurant is a go-to for your authentic South Indian fix. Located in the Cinnamon Grand hotel, it serves food from  four Southern states( Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala).
The place is quite popular among the families and specially Indians, who crave for some desi food after traveling and eating out for a few days. The restaurant offers a wide array of menu choices for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.
south indian food in sri lanka
The Central Perk: Sure, we are a little biased here. But it’s FRIENDS! This cute cafe, located on the marine drive can make any 90s kid nostalgic.
The cafe which is opened recently is not an exact replica of The Central Perk from the show but is more of a tribute to it. The entrance is through the iconic purple door from Monica’s apartment. On the first floor, you can hang out with your gang on the famous orange couch.
There are a lot of paintings and caricatures from the show. The menu includes “How you doin” – their signature fried chicken dish, “Joey doesn’t share food” – chicken shawarma and a veg pasta which is named Phoebo after the only vegetarian in the group – Phoebe!
The cafe offers a really nice view of the ocean as well and in the evenings fairy lights lit up the entire place. Make sure to visit this cute cafe next time you are in the city.
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