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3 Day Trips from Shillong

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Fondly known as the ‘Scotland of the East’, Meghalaya, literally is an abode in the clouds. The mesmerising sceneries, the heavy Mawsynram rains and the unique tribal culture makes this place all the more worth a visit. On His Own Trip organizes many Meghalaya tour packages, and you can check Meghalaya trip cost and itinerary on our website. Meghalaya trip packages are popular and the best season to visit in April – May, Sep – Nov.

The capital city Shillong is a 2.5 hour ride from the nearest airport Guwahati. The journey from Guwahati to Shillong itself makes you envision the transformation from a plateau to a hill station. You pass the Umiam lake before entering the city which is a famous tourist attraction with a spectacular view of the lake. Shillong is close to a few other locations in Meghalaya, which can be explored in a day. Here’s a list of three places you can visit from Shillong.


Mawlynnong is known as the cleanest village in India. About a 2-hour car ride from Shillong, Mawlynnong is a place worth visiting if you wish to experience tribal life closely in Meghalaya. The village has functional toilets, bamboo dustbins, and there is a ban of plastic bags and also smoking. You can take a stroll inside the village to see the villagers reside in their natural habitat and witness their day to day activities. 

There are other places in and around Mawlynnong you can visit.


Source: https://theculturetrip.com/asia/ 

The Jingmaham Living Root Bridge is a recognised UNESCO World Heritage site. About 3kms away from Mawlynnong village, this 300 years old bridge is completely natural! It is constructed by the intertwining aerial roots of tree trunks of rubber and betel. The roots have been growing ever since to make the bridge stronger. The bridge is right above a stream which makes it an attraction definitely not to be missed.


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The beautiful town of Dawki is situated around 30 kms away from the Mawlynnong village. It is famous for having the astounding Umgot river, which is known to have the cleanest waters. The water indeed is so clean that in the rainy seasons, you can clearly see the rock bed below the river if you’re on a boat ride. Dawki also borders Bangladesh, so a major tourist attraction stands to be the visit to Radcliffe Line Border which forms a line between India and Bangladesh.


Formerly known as the place which records the highest rainfall in the world (currently Mawsynram which is only a few kms away from Cherrapunji), Cherrapunji is a famous tourist attraction, featuring beautiful canyons, highest river falls and caves. Here are the few places you can visit in and around Cherrapunji.



Falling from a height of 1,120 ft., Nohkalikai Falls in Cherrapunji is the country’s third highest waterfall. The name Nohkalikai belongs to a local girl, as a tribute to her interesting if a bit tragic story. The waterfall is so high and the water gushes at such a speed that you can hear it from far off. The falls is mostly covered up by clouds, but when the clouds clear up, it is a visual worth savouring.


adventure buffs

Source: https://www.trawell.in/meghalaya 

For the adventure buffs, Mawsmai Cave is an entryway to the world of underground adventure.  The cave is quite easy to navigate but gets narrow down the lane. So it is advised not to go in large groups. It is an experience worth trying out. 


Meghalaya to promote tourism

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The Eco Park is on a high plateau, installed by the government of Meghalaya to promote tourism. The crossover bridge provides you with a beautiful view of the green canyons of Sohra. 

You can also try zip-lining, the quite new adventure activity that has opened on the way to  Cherrapunji. Also, you’d not want to miss grabbing a refreshing cup of coffee at the ML05 café while returning to the city after a long day.

new adventure activity

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Shillong is situated in the East Khasi Hills in Meghalaya. With glamorous waterfalls, ornamental gardens, lakes and a distinct culture, witnessing this city is definitely a treat to the eyes. While there are several other places you can go from Shillong, it is advised to plan at least a day to tour the city. Here are some of the famous tourist attractions around the city.



Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attra 1

Most of the population in Shillong follow Christianity as their practised religion.Having high arches and stained glass windows, the grandeur of the Mary Help of Christian Cathedral makes it one of the most beautiful churches in the country. 



Source: https://dbcic.org/ 1

Around 5 kms away from the center of the city, this 7 storeyed museum takes you through the journey of evolution of mankind from the hunting and gathering days to the modern times. An exquisite representation of the tribal culture and their practices, the Don Bosco Museum is surely a place to visit to get to the heart of the cultures and traditions of the state. Another attractive feature about this museum is the sky walk situated at the roof-top of the building, gives you a panoramic view of the whole city, which is completely surreal! 


Ward’s Lake

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Situated at the heart of the city, Ward’s Lake is impossible to miss. The elegant lake is encircled by a cobblestone walkway, ideal for evening strolls. The scenic views of the lake, and the heavenly weather of Shillong just calls for a day out in the nature. The lake gets so much prettier in the month of November, when the beautiful Cherry Blossoms bloom. The site is so majestic, that every year this lake holds ‘Cherry Blossom Festival’ where people from around the country come to witness the beauty of these seasonal flowers.

When in Shillong, do not miss the local tribal food! There are famous local cuisine serving restaurants in Police Bazaar where you can devour a good Jadoh. In Police Bazaar, you will be able to collect bamboo souvenirs and various other handmade items which are made by the Khasi, Garo and Jaintia tribes, the three prominent tribes residing in Meghalaya. Come join us on our trip to discover the Mesmerising Meghalaya!

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