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2019’s Best Moments with On His Own Trip: What Trippers Said

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Recently we put up a post on our Fb page asking trippers to share their favourite moment with us in 2019. The comments poured in generously and find below, five special experiences posted by some lovely trippers.

Divya Damania (Trip Leader: Niyati; Trip: Tawang)

Tawang Trip – My Birthday celebration… Late night Mafia?, crazy dance, Indian Army… Mountain and lakes… Gunshup…

This Guy’s On His Own Trip my birthday was celebrated in Dirang… We were playing Mafia… Suddenly Niyati and Anjali escaped and bought cake ? for me… We turned mobile lights in Disc lights…. Lots of dance and fun… Birthday song on hanging bridge…one of the best moment of life… Trip friends made my birthday amazing… last but not least notes written by all of them for me ☺ best gift ever…loved it…

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Megha Bajaj (Trip Leader:Neeraj and Sakshi; Trip: Rajasthan)

Rajasthan December 2019- The whole trip was something I will cherish all my life. There are so many moments 🙂

-Spotting the tiger

-Mafia night( lol)

-The truth and dare game – I can never forget this my entire life

-Just being with each other all time, the body needed sleep but not wanting to sleep at all

– making some lifetime friends


Monalisa Ganguly (Trip Leader: Niyati, Trip: Tawang)

Tawang trip Sept 2019..I had the best experiences with 19 strangers, but at the end of the trip good friends travelling, getting wet at Jang waterfalls, dancing beside Madhuri lake…Till today myself and my permanent roommate cherish about those moments, Truly speaking Tawang is the hidden secret of India .Lived actually every moment of the trip.. Missing out late night dance, gossip, games..Special thanks to Niyati most wonderful, cheering trip leader. I like the way you lead the entire team.

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Jagriti Budhia (Trip Leader: Neeraj, Trip: Munnar)

Munnar Mar’2019,

Goes without even saying, one of my best decisions of 2019 …..

Look at this Surreal experience!!!! Waking up to this ?

All of us in this trip turned from strangers to dearest of friends,

we enjoyed the freshly brewed tea amongst the tea garden, the zip line amongst the beauty of tea garden and those heart satisfying clouds!

We danced we sang we teased we laughed we got emotional…. we were all nearly high on trips !!!!

We all landed up sending lots of love to our captain Nero!

Neeraj Narayanan 🙂

See you soonest !


Prajakta Swati Pramod Mulgaonkar (Trip Leader: Neeraj, Trip: Meghalaya)

Meghalaya Trip September 19 –

Well starting off with doubts like what will I do with strangers, will we gel in together … To coming back with baggage full of memories of what all did we do, did we just do that, we ought to do that … Was most amazing …

The entire trip had its moments … But for me what struck a chord was the day we visited wei sawdong … I could see that each one of us had our moment there … People picked up their spot and just gave in to the magic that was felt there … Also when we stood against the fall … Those tiny droplets of water getting sprinkled on us due to wind was surreal …

Thank you for making me re-visit that day 🙂 …

Some more memories to share –

1. Dark room and all the hilarious comments coming in … Specially “o stree tum kal ana” … And all the times ani caught Neeraj, how much everyone tried to hide u ?

2. Our impromptu dance and birthday celebrations… And cutie Reshma trying to teach us to say happy birthday, and u saying kanjaro seekho … ??(* Btw what does kanjaro mean??)

3. Our story sharing sessions in the dining area.

4. Pole dance with Kaushik Sangeeta, where the pole got excited and started dancing ???

5. You getting gussa on us for not starting off on time … And wait how can i not add this …

6. Our rooftop drive … Sitting on top of the traveller and screaming and enjoying the view ??

I just can’t seem to stop … Thanks to you and all for a memorable time … Can’t wait to be on next trip … Just got so excited looking forward to 2020 … Thanks Neeraj ?

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