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2019 in the eyes of Trip Leader Sakshi Pant

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People say “Time flies when you are having fun”. For me, the entire year flew by, I guess I was having a lot of fun.

Sometimes, it feels like a happy blur and at other times, I smile on remembering one particular moment or a person. Here are few of my favourite memories from 2019. I have travelled with some of the most amazing people with whom I share a special bond and all these moments. There are hundreds of moments but today, I chose to write 19 of them, because it has to be a little cliched. Of course!

– Dancing madly on road while stuck in a landslide
– Sliding down an entire mountain covered with snow
– Star gazing, huddled together in blankets and spotting umpteen numbers of shooting stars
– Shouting and singing bollywood songs from top of the traveller
– Late night mafia sessions
– Khabbu- thanks to Meenu, almost all of my trippers know and love this card game
– Cycling the entire island trying to find the perfect spot for sunrise
– Petting and playing with dogs everywhere
– Snow fights. A hell lot of snow fights
– Karaoke sessions, with our group always being off-key but still the loudest
-Sitting in silence by a river or on a mountain top
– Seeing someone fall in love
– Playing dark room and laughing the entire time
– Seeing trippers getting overwhelmed after finishing the trek
– Cancelling flight tickets and extending the trip when no one wanted to leave
– Writing messages to each other on last night wondering how the days passed away in a blur and the trip got over
– Meeting old trippers and hugging them like long lost friends
– Birthday surprises- flash mobs, treasure hunts, dark room, cake cutting at airport security
– Group hugs. Aah those group hugs

Betaab valley in winter

I feel blessed to be doing what I do. I never thought I would be leading trips, it was a happy coincidence. But today, if someone asks, there is nothing else in the world that I would like to do.

Last year, I travelled to a lot of new places, and went back to few familiar ones taking a group of strangers. And everytime after the trip ended, it was hard to say goodbye. After each trip, I thought maybe it could not get better than this or maybe I would get used to it. People ask me if it is easy for me to connect and disconnect, after all I am meeting 20 new people every 15 days or less. I also thought maybe they are right. Maybe with time, I’d learn to connect and disconnect easily. And after leading multiple trips this year, I have concluded that it’s never going to be easy. You cannot spend 7 days and nights(as we hardly sleep) with people, listening to their stories, making emotional bonds, pulling their legs, hugging them and then disconnecting the moment they leave. It has never been easy, and it will never be. But who say this is an easy job?

Hoping to meet many more people this year. May we dance, sing, play and always get emotional when it’s time to part.

Sunset at Galle fort

Sikkim road trip

Road trips with onhisowntrip

Chele la pass with friends

Waterfalls of Meghalaya

Whale watching tour in Sri Lanka

Traveling to Ladakh

Manali in summers

Trippers with onhisowntrip

Bhrigu lake trek

Game night with onhisowntrip

Saimika resort in Cherrapunjee

Bhutan road trip

Uluwatu sunset

Dayara Bugyal summit

Nuwara Eliya World's end

Palaces of Rajasthan

Snow in Gulmarg

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