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10 reasons why you must do the Paris – Brussels – Bruges – Ghent – Amsterdam trip with This Guy!

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Ten Reasons why you must do the Europe trip with This Guy:

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1) Cos we are going to everyone’s bucket list city – Amsterdam! The city has something for everyone – great culture, colourful nightlife, canals and thousands of bicycles! Who loves Amsterdam! Everyone loves Amsterdam

2) Cos in Amsterdam, we shall learn how to live the word Gezellig. A Dutch word, its closest equivalent is ‘cozy’, or “being in the moment and letting the world pass by”. Hanging out with a loved one is gezellig, having a beer with a friend is gezellig and no place epitomizes the place better than Amsterdam

3) Cos we are going to the most romantic city in the world – Paris. It is but impossible not to fall for the charms of Paris, its grandeur, its fashion, its cafes, its bistros. the Mona Lisa and her bewitching smile, the snazziest street in the world – Champs Elysees. As the French say, Paris Je’taim! ( Paris, I love you!)

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4) Cos we must go to the top of one of the most iconic structures and visited monuments of the world – The Eiffel Tower. And hopefully find someone to kiss there as well!

5) Cos we are going to stay in hip hostels, mingle with not just our group of trippers but also with travellers all around the world, go on pub crawls, chug beer and sip wine, saunter through streets and do a Euro trip as classically as it should be done! Rumour has it that we are staying in the same hostel as Kangana Ranaut did in the movie Queen 

6) Cos unlike most travel companies that just go to Brussels in Belgium, we are going to what is arguably Western Europe’s most fairytale-like town – Bruges. Stepninto Bruges and you will feel as if you have stepped back in time and are in a different era. Walk through picturesque cobblestone lanes, dreamy canal sides and pretty market squares and you shall know that real Europe lies in the countryside, not in the capital cities.

7. Cos we are going to try Belgian waffles and Belgian beer and Belgian chocolates in some quaint cafes and vintage (shady?) pubs.

8. Cos no trip to Netherlands can be complete without visiting the famous windmills and clicking a dozen pics there. We are also going to a pretty fishing village, seeing the famous wooden clog shoes of Netherlands and taking pics with colourful boats at the harbour.

9. Cos we are going to what Lonely Planet called Belgium’s best kept secret – the town of Ghent, and visiting a mediaeval castle there. The audio guide tour there is one of the funniest you will ever hear and the voiceover is by a famous comedian who’s anecdotes of the castle’s history and battles between famous knights will keep you smiling.

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10. Cos we have tried to put the best of Europe in these 10 days, to make a very memorable Euro trip for you.

This Trip is only for happy, non fussy people who don’t mind walking, exploring, living in hostels. We only want such people on this trip. If you want to join us, drop your email in the comments section, and we will get back to you soonest!

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