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10 reasons to do the Balkans trip with On His Own Trip

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1) This trip has everything – some of the most surreal out of the world aqua marine, turquoise lakes and national parks, blue caves, the stunning Adriatic coastline, towns with Turkish bazaars and cobblestone alleys, seaside bays most frequented by Hollywood stars, picture post card town squares, medieval castles, boat parties and island hopping, sea kayaking and pub crawling, short treks and stunning sunrises and sunsets, dancing and dressing up!

2) Cos we are going to one of my favourite places in the world – Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. A series of cascading lakes and waterfalls, the colour will make you rub your eyes and wonder if Photoshop exists in the real world also.


3) Cos we are going to the popular, party towns of Split and Dubrovnik. Their old world charm, medieval town squares and buildings, cobblestone alleys, quaint shops, beaches and the chilled life, will make you love your holiday and want to travel forever. Bring your nice dresses, bring those heels, get those smart shorts or pants, that hat and bright shirt – we are going to steam up this Euro trip!

4) Cos we are going to the stunning country of Montenegro, to the town of Kotor. The Kotor bay, the view of the town and the sea from the fort, the small islets of Perast, the happy slow vibe, the parties, the Hollywood stars favourite seaside location – Budva, all of it will make you rave about Montenegro and when you are back, you wont stop talking about it to your friends.

5) Cos we are staying in nice 3 star hotel properties in all the locations. Some of the properties are very very pretty, some sitting in the middle of the most vibrant part of towns, some designed in the vintage way made of pinewood and oak, and some modern and classy.

6) Since it involves a lot of Croatia, of course it has Game of Thrones and its locations as well! Did you know Dubrovnik is what is depicted as King’s Landing – the capital of the seven kingdoms!

7) Cos you must, must, must see the beautiful town of Mostar, Kravice waterfalls, the old bridge, local boys jumping from the bridge into the icy cold river, the Turkish house under a cave, the East meets West ambience of Sarajevo – oh these are so unmissable!

8) Cos when in Europe, we must dress up, go out, and drink some local wine. Ole!


9) Cos Nero’s been to 35 European countries and these countries are his favourite along with Norway and Iceland. And if you have faith in his travels, and have the time and inclination to see Europe, do this trip.

10) Cos you will fall in love on this trip. You will fall in love with the town squares, with the laidback life, with the sea, with how chilled out travellers around the world can be, and with yourself. You will be singing in your heart, and even halfway through the trip, you will dread that one day it will end. You will fall in love with travel, and want to do it forever. You will fall for your trippers, and make great friends.

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